11.6% Possible Increase in Hawkwell Parish Council spending the last straw !!

January 6, 2007 by  

Christine and I have decided to leave Hawkwell Parish Council and concentrate on other more productive work for the community.  Christine will continue to run the Smellies for the Sick at Southend Hospital which covers Southend, Rochford and Castle Point Districts. They will both continue to run the Hawkwell HeartStart Group for the benefit of Hawkwell, Hockley, Ashingdon and Rochford areas.

John will continue to represent you at Rochford District Council.

Dear Colleague

We have decided to resign as Members of Hawkwell Parish Council with immediate effect.

We both feel that our reasons for doing so should be put on record.

When John was elected in 2003 he put forward a number of proposals for Hawkwell that were all achievable ambitions which we both believe would collectively have significantly improved the quality of life across all ages in the Parish. It has, however, not been possible for Hawkwell Parish Council to demonstrate its commitment to the level of change, energy and drive required.

In addition John has found Council Meetings an unpleasant experience over the last 9 months and recent unfounded complaints about him have left him wondering if his motivation would return.  Sadly it has not.

Christine has been equally dismayed by way Council business has been conducted since she was elected and under the circumstances does not wish to serve alone.

The last straw is evident in the proposal being made to Finance Committee which, if agreed, could cause an increase in the Parish Precept of 11.6% without any increased benefit to the community.  We cannot support this as a matter of principle and we both feel that the only way that this might be stopped is to resign in protest.

Yours faithfully
John and Christine Mason


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