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Residents Survey 2007 – Matter of Concern Number 4 – Health

Rochford Health Profile 2006

Rochford Health Profile 2007

Local authority health profiles are designed to show the health of people in each local authority area, and include comparisons with other similar populations.  With other local information these profiles demonstrate where action can be taken to improve people’s health and reduce health inequalities.

Please take the opportunity to read the full documents attached.  But if you do not have the time here are some things that I think that you ought to know;

The Rochford Health Profile for 2006 is far more revealing than The Rochford Health Profile for 2007.

  • “Deaths from cancers have not decreased in the last 5 years despite a decrease nationally.”
  • “Of concern is the rate of road deaths and serious injuries, by vehicle kilometres, which is worse than the average for England.” This is not repeated in 2007.
  • “Treatment for Mental Health is significantly worse than the average for England.”  But this is completely reversed in the 2007 report and this deficiency does not show.
  • “Health inequalities exist across Rochford District. Within Rochford residents of the healthiest wards can expect to live 7.3 years longer than those in the unhealthiest.” You really need to look at the full document for 2006 to see if where you live has such inequalities.

I shall be meeting with our PCT to discuss these findings and what action is proposed in Rochford District.


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