Glencroft Wood, White Hart Lane

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IMG_20071223_1315 Winter Sunshine....Almost!John Mason, a District Councillor for Hawkwell West has been contacted by residents concerned about the future of Glencroft Wood in White Hart Lane.  These concerns had originally come from the Hawkwell Residents Association in the form of leaflets and web site news.  Because of this a petition, we understand, was sent by concerned residents to Hawkwell Parish Council.  

John contacted the Council as a matter of urgency. But here are some extracts from the email sent by Paul Warren, CEO of Rochford District Council.
“I can confirm that the Council owns the wood and there are no plans to sell it, develop it and put houses on it, so I do not know where the Hawkwell Residents Association gets its information from.  I can only assume it is pure speculation.”
“Also, I do not know where the Association get their information about the transfer of the wood to the Parish Council.  My recollection around the issue was that the Parish did not want to take on the wood due to the maintenance obligations and costs involved.  Also, given our ownership of many woodlands across the District, the expertise and experience around woodland management rests with us.”
“Planning permission (08/00787/FULL) did not include the clearance of any protected trees or trees located beyond the boundary of the application site.  The application simply related to the substitution of housing types on two of the plots (43 & 44).  The site has been partly developed in two previous phases of construction along the north and west boundaries of the woodland.  All development either built or proposed is contained within the original boundaries of the site and has planning consent.”
“It could be that the misunderstanding has arisen from the fact that a coloured plan accompanying the recent application showed a ‘white’ path through the woodland area into the housing development – the plan was used simply to show the location of the two plots the subject of the application.  RDC has given consent for the change to the dwellings types, but that consent in no way related to the woodland, clearance of a path, etc.”
“The comment on a road extension is again pure speculation and has no substance.”
“Lastly, please be aware that our Arboricultural Officer has recently visited the wood following a request from a local resident to deal with some branches overhanging his garden.  As a result we are in the process of seeking the necessary consent from the Forestry Commission to undertake some selective thinning.  We are unable to approve this under our TPO procedures as we are the land owner.”


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