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July 9, 2008 by  

Essex Police on the A12.VEHICLE CRIME:

Overnight 8th July into 9th July there was several thefts from motor vehicles in the Hawkwell area. There was also sheds entered, possibly where the culprits are looking for tools to use to commit crime??


On 7th July, a suspicious male was reported calling at an address in Jubilee Close, Hockley claiming to be from Dynarod. He had no uniform and no ID. The male was white, late 20’s / early 30’s, approx 6’01”, slim build, short dark brown hair, wearing grey trousers, red T shirt with green stripes going round it (possibly a rugby shirt.) The male stated there had been a report the drains were blocked. The informant to police claimed the male seemed surprised that someone was home.


On 30th June, an expensive Nokia N95 mobile phone was posted to an address in Woodlands Road. The occupier signed for the package which was in their name and address although they had not ordered this item. A few days later a tall, well dressed black male, called explaining the phone was his and had been delivered to the wrong address. The house numbers had been mixed up. The male produced a water bill as ID for another address in the street. The phone was handed over. The house details on the produced water bill do not exist.

It is a well known scam to use properties in this way to apply for all manner of products and services including bank loans and expensive electrical goods. It may be legitimate but given the facts above it would appear to be a scam. Be warned.

Community Safety update as at 25 June 2008

As part of the Water UK awareness campaign to raise awareness about distraction burglary where ‘waterboard’ has been used as an MO, the following telephone numbers can be disseminated to the public to encourage them to check the identity of any ‘water company’ doorstep caller.

Anglian Water    0800 145 145

• install and use door chains
• use spy holes to see who is at the door
• display uninvited caller stickers
• do not keep large amounts of money at home
• encourage family, friends, carers and neighbours to check that these are in place
• encourage people to register a password with their water company
• encourage people to ask for identification from those at the door


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