Dear Tesco, Hours of Gridlock at your Southend Store

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Tesco Price Cut
Photo by Craig Murphy
By Christine Mason (reflecting on Tesco, Southend, on Sunday 7 July 2013

This was one of the worst, most frustrating waste of times I have yet to experience.  The staggering indifference of the staff just added to the horror.  We decided to go into store for a few items but…………….the queue to get out had snarled up the whole car park.  However we were not aware of this until it was too late to turn back.

In the hope that things would improve we had a late breakfast (kind and helpful service even if food poor), then shopped.  The only saving grace was that the store was relatively empty and we could find things with ease.  At the checkout we enquired about the queues for exit and were advised that one car had spent 40 minutes  moving just a few car lengths and the average time was 2 hours to exit.  However this was not deemed to be anything to do with Tesco’s and effectively hard luck.

With mounting concern we returned to our car.  It took over 15 minutes just to get out of the parking space.  Unfortunately we were to the rear of the car park and as no one was facilitating the movement of vehicles those at the other end were pushing out into the queue and those at the back, like ourselves consequently had an even longer wait.  Tesco’s line according to the staff is that it is nothing to do with them.  Yes it is.

If they are aware of this, and we were advised it is a common problem in good weather, they could a) Advise potential customers BEFORE THEY GET GRIDLOCKED, sorry that might affect sales but at least a choice would be possible. b) Use staff to organise traffic attempting to exit to ensure both fairness and reduce the risk of prangs. c) Offer water to those trapped in the heat, especially those with young children.  d) Consider offering to hold onto food that is sitting getting overheated.  Tesco claimed to want to reduce its carbon imprint, jamming cars for 2 hours with engines running does not help reduce the carbon imprint however it may increase their petrol sales!

We missed the start of the tennis, wasted two precious hours of a weekend, and to add insult to injury we were overcharged by £5.98.  Will I be going back?  No.

Also I will publish my experience on so other local residents are aware of what shopping in Tesco’s really entails.



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