Hawkwell Parish Plan Group

April 27, 2010 by  

There are many in Hawkwell who do not know that the Hawkwell Parish Plan Group is now in place (again!).

We would like all groups in Hawkwell to contact us so that we can take account of your needs, fears and expectations for the people of Hawkwell that you are in contact with.

Our aim is to produce the Hawkwell Parish Plan, which covers all aspects of living in Hawkwell, and includes Housing issues, Transport issues and Youth issues amongst others.  We are an independent committee of residents of Hawkwell and we’ll listen to anybody who lives in Hawkwell (East as well as West!).

To contact us, you can email the Secretary, Hawkwell Parish Plan Group, at libarratt [at] [dot] uk and  we’ll tell you where we’re going, and listen to where you want to go with Hawkwell.


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