Hawkwell West News – September 2006

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First of all a “thank you” to all those who voted for me to continue my independent, residents mandate at Rochford District Council.  I am now the only Independent on RDC.  I have delayed the “victory newsletter” because the issues of the nuisance being caused by young people were my priority given the volume of e mails and calls that I was receiving.

The primary responsibility for policing and nuisance does not lie with the Parish or District Council although their Councillors and Officers will do everything they can to make our County Councillor, the Police and the Essex Police Authority aware of the issues and your concerns.  So what I have been doing is working with the District Council Officers and the Police on those issues where we have direct responsibility at RDC and can make real improvements.

The fence at the bottom of Park Gardens has been repaired, the gates replaced and an anti moped barrier erected.  The Police will now assist Service Team in locking the gates at night and there will be clear signage of closure times.  I have arranged for RDC to also replace the barrier and fencing at Hawkwell Park Drive, so if the moped riders wish to invade the playing fields again then they will be recorded by the CCTV at Clements Hall on entry and dealt with by Holmes Place Security and the Police. The murals on the pavilion are welcome and have stopped the graffiti here, and it is claimed, elsewhere.  This was a joint project involving RDC and the Police. But my concerns are that the young people who have been congregating at the end of Park Gardens will now return to Hawkwell Parade but hopefully the joint project between the shops and the Parish Council for the installation of CCTV will deter this when installed.

I have met with Chief Inspector John Walker, who is the Commander for Rochford District and he has kindly agreed that I can circulate the answers to many questions that I asked him.

Interestingly we concurred on our views on Dispersal and Curfew Orders but if Chief Inspector Walker were to apply for these in Hawkwell in the future then he will have my full support.

I also fully support any action under “Section 59” for confiscation and destruction of any vehicles that are misused.

Here is our Question and Answer Session

What is Anti Social Behaviour?

“It is widely recognised that anti social behaviour is a key issue that affects the lives of the local community.  Whilst the police have a responsibility to enforce legal standards it is only through partnership working that effective long term solutions can be found.”

What processes are there available to combat anti social behaviour?

“There are a host of tools available including:

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and Agreements
Anti Social Behaviour Orders
Parenting Orders
Dispersal Orders”

What is a Dispersal Order?

“A Dispersal Order is just one of many problem solving solutions created to combat anti social behaviour.  It allows the police and local authorities to work together in order to identify problem areas where there is significant and persistent anti social behaviour involving a group of at least two or more people.  Their actions must cause intimidation, harassment, alarm and distress to the community.

Where there is a persistent problem the police will evidence the need for a dispersal order, which must be sanctioned by the local authority.  An order will cover a designated area and run for up to six months.

Where problems have been caused in the area the Police or Police Community Support Officers can direct persons to leave a particular the locality and not return for up to 24 hours.

Up to recently police could use reasonable force to take under 16’s home after 9pm at night if they were in a designated area and not under the control of an adult.  However, that power was successfully challenged in Court but is currently being challenged by the Home Office.”


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