Ironwell Lane – Hawkwell to Rochford

June 16, 2007 by  

Rochford District Councillor Sue Harper has written to me about closing Ironwell Lane to all Motor Traffic.

Ironwell Lane has been a Green Lane since Medieval times.  So what is a Green Lane?

It is explained here

Councillor Harper was proposing to write to Essex County Council and request this but I hope that I have persuaded her to deal with this through the RDC Area Committees and obtain public views first. 

One of the reasons for doing this is because it appears that Hawkwell Parish Council does not agree with closing Ironwell Lane to traffic. In March 2007 our Parish Council suggested in Minutes published on its web site that it wanted to see Ironwell Lane designated a Quiet Lane. A Quiet Lane is open to cars.

Here is the definition from the CPRE.

Under the Transport Act 2000, local authorities are able to designate roads for which they are responsible as Quiet Lanes.

Quiet Lanes are a key way of widening transport choice in the countryside by encouraging local journeys to be made on foot or bicycle, and for recreation. While cars are not banned and use of these roads is shared, lower speed limits and discrete road signs can encourage drivers to slow down and help to promote a more tranquil rural environment. 





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