London Gangs Target Hockley & Hawkwell

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Echo 22nd December 2009

commit no nuisancePOLICE are to target gangs of youths who are coming into Hockley from London to cause trouble.

Youths have been travelling for miles to get to Clements Hall leisure centre and are causing havoc on Friday and Saturday nights.

This has blighted the lives of local residents due to the noise, vandalism to cars, and general antisocial behaviour. Groups of local youths have also been attacked and robbed.

Chief Insp Glen Westley, of Rochford police, said officers would look to tackle the situation before it got worse.

They are introducing policing at the railway station and a metal detecting arch to deter anyone from carrying weapons. Mr Westley said: “We think there’s a territorial thing developing and we don’t want that to fester.

“We will be monitoring behaviour and contacting parents if we need to.”

Most young people seem to be visiting from Rayleigh and surrounding areas, but some appear to be travelling from as far as London to congregate at the teen shelter at night.

These large groups often prove intimidating to people who live in the surrounding streets.

Hawkwell Parish Council chairman Vic Leach said: “We welcome the police initiative in combating this and wish them every success for the peace and quiet of our residents.”


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