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Idea 1-Media Testshot2As your representative on the District Council, John Mason met with Chief Inspector Andy Prophet and PC Steve Joynes at Rochford Police Station on Thursday afternoon.

They gave him the opportunity to talk in depth about the problems that residents have been experiencing and the concerns that they have.  John emphasised that if Essex Police see Clements Hall as a good place for the young people to congregate and they support the Teen Shelter then Essex Police must be resourced both for supervision and action to be taken about under age drinking and drinking anywhere in that area because it is banned.

They both understood this point and John hopes that the resourcing will be made available. He suggested that Essex Police have a small meeting with residents towards the end of the summer to get feedback and this was well received.  They also discussed that large numbers from Greensward College seem to want to have parties in the park from time to time and this naturally concerns residents and can give rise to incidents of anti social behaviour.

He asked CI Prophet to discuss arrangements with Greensward for release of Year 11 from the school hoping that Essex Police could get an emphasised message around via the school that anti social behaviour and alcohol would not be tolerated. 

It always been understood that very few ABC’s or ASBO’s had ever been issued in Rochford District and Essex Police confirmed that this was indeed the case and John said that residents could not understand why this was so.

The new card system is designed to assemble evidence and John got the impression that the Officer at RDC responsible for getting involved with such measures might be getting busier very shortly !!

Whilst not the Zero Tolerance policy that some police forces have adopted and that some residents advocate we can expect that at least action will now be taken on these issues rather than nothing. New video technology is being deployed this weekend to gather evidence as needed and to record identities. 




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  1. Editor says:

    Yobs face a red card warning from police
    By Nicola Fenn – Echo

    NUISANCE youths will soon be getting red card warnings as part of a new campaign to stamp out antisocial behaviour.

    The initiative, to be introduced across Southend, Rochford and Castle Point on July 1, will see young yobs who are caught mishbehaving being given yellow and red warnings.

    The move will provide police with a database of names of antisocial louts and allow parents to know exactly what their youngsters are up to.

    Chief Insp Paul Eveleigh, Castle Point District Commander, said: “At the moment, if we catch a kid up to mischief, the officer or the PCSO will take the child home and explain to the parent what they have been up to.

    “The next day he could go out and do exactly the same thing again and we wouldn’t have a record of it because they haven’t committed a crime.

    “This is actually a way of keeping track of the youngsters, highlighting their actions to their parents and doing something to stop them before they slip into criminality.

    “We are only talking about acts that fall short of criminality, such as drinking alcohol, smashing bottles, running through people’s gardens and being a nuisance.

    “If it is a straight forward crime the youth will be arrested and this scheme will not apply.”

    Under the scheme, a referral form will be filled out about the youngster. Their parents will then get a letter telling them of their child’s behaviour.

    The second offence will warrant a yellow card warning and a home visit from the police. A third offence will mean a red card, a visit from the police and council officers from antisocial behaviour teams.

    Any further misdemeanours will lead to the youngster being given the option of signing a voluntary acceptable behaviour contract.

    If young people refuse to co-operate, they could be served with an antisocial behaviour order or fined.

    10:52am Thursday 19th June 2008

  2. Editor says:

    Anti-social behaviour – What is Essex Police are doing about it?

    High visibility policing around the Hawkwell area especially on Friday and Saturday evenings.

    Reduce crime and fear of crime.

    Seizure of alcohol from young people. [Clements Hall is a designated no alcohol area.]

    Detached youth workers to continue intervention work at Clements Hall, 5.30pm to 7.30pm Friday evenings raising awareness of dangers of alcohol abuse.

    Link with School partnership officers to ensure awareness continues at school.

    Operation successes and failures to be reported to headteachers of Greensward College and King Edmund to seek their support and assistance in tackling this issue.

    Media releases where appropriate.

    Regular updates to be sent to community groups and Councillors etc.

    Alcohol Problems

    Seizure of alcohol from young people in public places

    High Visibility Policing at ‘Hot spot’ areas.

    Visit local alcohol outlets and advise shop staff about selling to underage or people they believe to be buying for underage.

    Speak to Chairman of Hawkwell Residents Association. Information needs to be passed to parents to educate them as to the problem.

    Speak to Hawkwell Parish Clerk to collate reports received by him.

  3. Editor says:

    Echo – Booze seized from under-age drinkers

    MORE than 60 cans of beer and lager were seized by police in one evening from underage drinkers in Rochford.

    Extra officers took to the streets around Clements Hall in Hawkwell and seized the alcohol including scores of bottles of spirits, wine and alcopops.

    The operation was launched in response to residents’ concerns.

    District commander Chief Insp Andy Prophet said: “Invariably underage drinking leads to rowdy and nuisance behaviour so we have launched this initiative in response to the concerns of residents. In my experience most young people are decent and law-abiding but some do not seem to realise the distress their behaviour causes to others.

    “If nothing is done such antisocial acts can lead to criminality. I want young people, and their parents, to be aware of these issues and, where appropriate, take the necessary steps.”

    More than 30 parents have been given letters explaining their child was in possession of alcohol.

    Insp Prophet said: “I am seeking the co-operation of parents in speaking to their children about their behaviour and am open to discussing ways in which we can work with them on this. However, I have also made it clear that should their child be found with alcohol again they can expect a visit from one of my officers.

    “They should regard this as a yellow card or final warning. Any further occurrences from there will trigger a red card and we will seek to place the young person concerned on an acceptable behaviour contract.”

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