MP finds time to spend in Hawkwell !!

May 18, 2006 by  

Our Conservative MP, Mark Francois, spent the evening of 4 May, in Hawkwell West talking to Conservative voters. It is a pity that he did not, as our MP, spend more time in Hawkwell speaking to a wider cross section of residents and actually working for us all rather than increase the Conservative Turnout and oust me, John Mason, an established “independent” from the District Council.

Why this was a priority for our MP, when the Conservatives have outright control of the District Council I cannot begin to understand. What would have been the benefit of yet another seat? Basically political domination with no other voices, especially independent ones, being heard in debate.

If our MP had spent his time wisely with residents he would have learnt about the widespread and high incidence of anti social behaviour and vandalism in Hawkwell West. All of this the responsibility of Conservative County Councillor Robert Chambers, Chairman of the Police Authority.

Our MP, Mark Francois, was not able to attend public meetings called by Hawkwell Parish Council to put our concerns to the Police. But he was able to spend his valuable time in Hawkwell West on political campaigning trying defeat an an independent district councillor. He, and his team of 6 Conservative District Councillors, oh and the Conservative Candidate from Great Wakering, failed to defeat me much to the visible dismay of Mark Francois, our MP, who wasted his time – actually our time in failing to hear our problems with widespread and high incidence of anti social behaviour and vandalism in Hawkwell West.


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