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February 8, 2008 by  

As a District Councillor for Hawkwell West I have a duty to represent my Ward as well as the District.  I am not doing this to preserve my re-election chances. I promised residents that I would protect green belt and I will do my best.

No more homes for Hawkwell

I am campaigning against the housing allocation for Hawkwell.

If an additional 365 homes were to be built in the village the road infrastructure in would have to be improved to cope.

In addition there are many more homes to be built in Rochford district where car movements could cause those people to travel through Hawkwell.

If the road infrastructure were improved in Hawkwell I can foresee additional roads being built to bypass existing bottlenecks, causing the loss of green space together with the cost of road-widening schemes.

That would make Hawkwell a place I would not like to see. It would be unacceptable.

My proposal is to say no to the additional 365 homes and no to any enabling infrastructure.
John Mason
Independent Councillor, Hawkwell West
Englefield Close, Hawkwell


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