Overworked Rochford Police are asking public for help

July 3, 2007 by  

POLICE officers are searching for volunteers to give up a few hours of their time to help free up police in their area.

Chief Insp John Walker, of Rochford police, said civic-minded people of all ages could make the most of their skills, whether they are in accountancy, human resources or manual labour, by helping police with small tasks.

They could even spare just a few hours to water the window boxes, wash police cars or help with administrative tasks.

Mr Walker said: “One of our big drives is about engaging with the general public, making sure we work closely together to improve the community.

“We are asking the public to work locally with us, to free up officers to concentrate on higher priority issues.”

The scheme will allow volunteers to work any number of hours, and would suit people from all walks of life. Volunteers are even invited to come up with their own ideas of how to help their station.

Call Rayleigh police on 01268 775533.


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