Planning Applications at 1 Southend Road Hockley

September 21, 2006 by  

I am being challenged on the way I voted at Rochford District Council on two planning applications concerning the same property in HOCKLEY.

The locally waged campaign against the development included a spate of fly posting which was reported to the police for investigation. I was shocked at the content of e-mails and the fly posters. This was the worst campaign on a planning application I have ever encountered in 26 years of being involved in community issues.


I only voted on two applications because I was away for the application which was considered on 26 April 2005.

25 November 2004 – I voted against this application although I understand that someone may have asserted to others that I abstained. The Minutes are downloadable and you can see that no record of individual voting was recorded. I can accept that people can be mistaken on something that took place nearly two years and there is nothing more that can be said because there was no recorded vote!!

20 October 2005 – I voted for approval although again you can see from the Minutes that are downloadable that no record of individual voting was recorded.

The overall position is that the Planning Inspectorate has approved development at this site at appeal.

Nevertheless I do not condone the action of the developer to demolish the building and create an eyesore which was, unfortunately, legal and RDC could not stop it.

Let me also repeat, once again, that I am not against Hawkwell Parish Council taking over the Glencroft Open Space. Like 6 other Parish Councillors we just wanted the costs fully investigated and approved by Hawkwell Parish Council beforehand.

I can only think that these matters are being raised for personal reasons or some sort of political gain.

The development at 1 Southend Road has been approved by the Planning Inspectorate. There was nothing sustainable that Rochford District Council Members could do to prevent it.

Perhaps I could invite whoever has an axe to grind to put their allegations in writing on this site?

Otherwise I hope that I have cleared to air and these issues can be put to rest on a final basis. – Planning Services Committee 251104.pdf – Planning Services Committee 260405.pdf – Planning Services Committee 201005.pdf



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  1. David says:


    With all due respects, you talk and talk and make excuses about planning permissions this and local councils that. The stark truth is that this Christmas will be TWO years since the White House was pulled down!! TWO YEARS!!!

    Somebody, surely, must be culpable for the , quote, ‘eyesore’. Why were there no constraints that the land must be brought back to reasonable standards within six months? I am plain Joe Public and am I the only one that can see this?

    In the end, words seem useless without action.

  2. admin says:

    Hi David

    Cllr Richard Vingoe of Hockley Parish Council asked at a Planning Forum if Shaun Scrutton (Head of Planning at RDC) if he would take action about improving this site by legal enforcement action. He said that it was too early and it was not a priority for action. There is nothing more that I can do.

    Planning is frustrating because it is bound by law and what I have said is what happened by legal planning decisions. These are facts not excuses.

    There is a requirement that a planning permission has to be started within 5 years. 3 years to go I am afraid but RDC might take action to have it cleared up in the meantime.

    There will probably be some vacancies next year on the Hawkwell Parish Council. Why don,t you consider standing? You would be most appreciated and you can get involved with these sort of issues.

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