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 My in-law's tree farm

The Christmas Tree Farm Development, is now renamed Clements Gate, off Thorpe Road and Clements Hall Way, Hawkwell.

Before the vote in September 2012 on whether to grant planning permission, Ward Councillor John Mason had an Officer read aloud from one of the planning application documents submitted by Barratts/DWH.Two of the items read out related to days and hours of working and construction access as these issues had created the greatest concern and distress to residents. This was done before the Application was voted on.

There was to be no Sunday Working.

Yesterday the 27th February, The Rochford District Council Planning Department wrote to both Ward Councillors, John and Christine Mason as follows;

“Sunday working” “there are no restrictions on hours of working”.

On something else The Christmas Tree Farm Development Action Group (CTFDAG) allege that they had agreed a different construction access arrangement to those that Councillor Mason had read out by an Officer prior to the vote in September.

We hope that CTFDAG will team up with us and Hawkwell Action Group (HAG) to deal with both matters.

As your District Councillors we are now concerned as to the fate of Thorpe Road and non vehicular movements during closure. We have already
asked County Councillor Tracey Chapman to clarify this.

Finally all the residents at the Rectory Road end of Thorpe Road want is for Barratts to pay for a sign that the residents have permission from ECC to erect. But Rochford District Council wants to check that this permission has been given. A copy of the email from County Councillor Chapman had to be supplied.




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  1. Editor says:

    On “Sunday Working” DWH has responded through a consultant as follows;

    “Further to your email to David Eardley which was received this morning, I would like to clarify that DWH still have no intention of working on Sundays.”

    “As a member of the Considerate Constructor scheme, DWH have no plans to carry out any heavy building work on a Sunday. The only activity that would possibly be carried out on site on a Sunday would be painting, decorating or cleaning but this too would be avoid where ever possible.”

    We have not accepted this position.

    “However there were no exceptions to Sunday working in the documentation presented to the Development Committee and indeed read out before the vote approving the planning application was taken. I believe Councillor John Mason has already provided Mr Eardley with both the full document and an extract of the relevant section to avoid further misunderstanding.”

    “From the residents point of view this is not just about noise, but also vehicle movement. Not only would this impact on existing residents and local traffic issues but would surely inconvenience also the new residents of our Ward who move into your properties.”

    “In any event we would expect DWH/Barratts to honour the proposal they put forward in their planning application and was expressly noted to all Members before the vote was taken.”

    “We would reasonably have expected this to be formally included in any subsequent agreements.”

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