Row over Publication of Direct Dial Number of Head of Planning, RDC

October 30, 2007 by  

This has been printed in the “Community Voice” leaflet. “Community Voice” is the periodic newsletter of the Hawkwell Residents’ Association which owns a registered political party called Hawkwell Residents. The Hawkwell Residents registered political party has two seats on Hawkwell Parish Council.

We hear on the grapevine that someone at the Council is not very happy with the Hawkwell Residents Association about this as all calls to the Head of Planning are supposed to be screened by a Personal Assistant.

And there might have been quite a few calls because the article which gave the DD Number told residents if they were concerned about 365 new houses in Hawkwell that “you might want to contact RDC (Mr S Scrutton, Head of Planning on 01702 318XXX). [We X’d out the last 3 digits – Editor] 

We wish to make it clear that Councillor John Mason has absolutely no connection whatsoever with the Hawkwell Residents’ Association or the Hawkwell Residents political party.

Perhaps the Hawkwell Residents Association should have asked if it would be acceptable to include the information? 

No doubt the Hawkwell Residents Association will apologise for this mistake in their next Newsletter and remove the phone number from its web site immediately.


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