Residents Survey – Hawkwell West 2007

May 27, 2007 by  

Which local issues matter the most to you? %
Anti-Social behaviour 18
Council tax 12
Litter 11
Medical care ie., dentists/doctors 10
Planning 8
Traffic congestion 7
Street parking 6
Facilities for Young People 6
Recycling 5
Parks and green spaces 5
Bus Services 5
Street crime 4
Graffiti 3
Leisure/ Sports facilities 0
How safe do you feel? %
Neutral 52
Quite Safe 34
Quite Unsafe 10
Very Safe 4
Very Unsafe 0
How do you rate the quality of local policing?
Neutral 53
Quite poor 29
Quite good 12
Very poor 6
Very good 0
How Clean and Tidy and Attractive do you find Hawkwell? %
Neutral 53
Quite attractive 29
Quite unattractive 17
Very unattractive 1
Very attractive etc 0

Clearly the issues of policing and anti social behaviour continue to be important to residents.

Still in the Top 5 are Council Tax, Litter (which cross links to the last survey question), Medical Care and Planning.

I shall give these issues my priority in District Council and my seat on the Governing Board of Southend Hospital continues to allow me to represent your medical needs.

Note:  This survey information is subject to full copyright and all rights are reserved by John Mason and Rochford District Residents.  Prior written permission must be given to link to this survey, reproduce this survey in whole or in part, whether in writing or otherwise.


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