So The Conservatives have the best vision for the local community?

October 29, 2022 by  

Cloud Cuckoo Land.

What SPIN did we get this week? Formal Questions put to The Conservative Leader by Tory Councillors. Genuine Questions? Why Then? Well at least one led to a Pre-Election article in the Echo about investment at Clements Hall Leisure Centre by its outsourced contractor AND it showed “a clear demonstration of the Council’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of our residents.”

The Council has invested nothing. But it holds Reserves at record levels without justification.

But The Council needs to invest at Clements Hall with the constant complaints from residents about the Swimming Pool environment and the changing rooms every time Tory Councillors publish how much has been invested in Gyms. And worst of all The Council admits there is a lack of support facilities for the disabled.

The contract must be coming up for renewal shortly. YES. So will that be when The Council wrestles money for Swimming and support for the Disabled from Tenders?

In my view probably not. Why? Because an investment would have been made in Swimming already if it were profitable. With the regular rounds of eye watering investments in Gyms that must be where the profit is.

The ONLY way there will be new investment in Swimming is if a new contract is primed with money from The Council. From the huge Reserves.

A couple of million needs to be earmarked now in the coming Budget so that it is not spent on NEW COUNCIL OFFICES at The Freight House where increased construction costs and funds from property sales won’t happen now at The Mill Hall site.

Instead of SPIN that is a better vision for the local community.


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