Councillor slammed over fake parking bay

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I found this interesting article on Yahoo Cars !!

A parish councillor in Gloucestershire was so tired of people parking next to his house that he painted two spaces on the road outside. He declared those spaces his, forbidding anyone else from parking there.

The local Council immediately condemned the crude yellow boxes as illegal – but declared they will not be removed, because it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Paul Syrett, a 46-year-old IT worker, sits on the planning committee of Woodchester Parish Council. His actions have naturally caused friction between him and nearby residents.

Neighbour Sandie Mills said: “As soon as I moved in he made it clear that those spaces belonged to him. It was only after he painted the lines that I looked into it and was assured by Gloucestershire Highways that they were illegal.”

There’s nothing stopping anyone from parking in the self-painted spaces, but Syrett is adamant that the land outside his house belongs to him. Therefore, he believes, nobody else is entitled to park there.

A spokesman from Gloucestershire Highways contradicted that view, however, saying that “while the land beneath the tarmac may belong to Mr Syrett, the surface is dedicated as highway. Highway rights supersede any others.”

The spokesman added: “We’re not removing the markings as it could meet legal challenge which would cost time and money.”

Mark Nichol