The TLC Fund (The Little Comfort Fund)

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The TLC Fund  (The Little Comfort Fund)

A New Year and a new initiative from Rochford District Residents ! 


The ongoing success and sadly the ongoing need for Smellies for the Sick that provides toiletries to patients in Southend University Hospital (mainly elderly), who through no fault of their own are unable to access or obtain access to the means to provide their own has highlighted another need that we hope the Community will support with the same zeal and compassion that has been shown for the Smellies for the Sick.

Smellies for the Sick in now in its tenth year and while we continue to provide comfort and dignity to patients lacking in toiletry supplies we have become increasingly aware that there are other needs that some patients have, especially those with a slightly longer hospital stay and it is these simple needs that the TLC fund hopes to address.

Imagine being ill and in bed, alone but not alone, with nothing to occupy your mind.  However because you have no family or friends able to visit, no one that can fetch that half finished book or knitting, you are unable to take your mind away from the situation you are in.

This new initiative from Christine and John Mason hopes to address that problem.

This is where the TLC fund comes in, administered by the Hospital Chaplaincy team, the funds aim is simple – to provide the means for a crossword book or a newspaper, to allow the patient the dignity of purchasing some sweets or biscuits of their choice.  It sounds so simple but if you are imprisoned in a Hospital bed relying on the services of strangers sometimes it is the little things that can lift spirits and bring that extra measure of comfort.

We are not trying to change the world, just improve our corner of it.

Donations can be sent to Rochford District Residents at Wistaria Cottage, Englefield Close, Hawkwell, Essex SS5 4LE,  clearly marked for the TLC Fund.  All donations will be paid into Rochford District Residents Bank Account and given in cash to Southend Hospital.  Rochford District Residents will make no administrative charges and 100% of any donations will be passed to the Hospital.  The Hospital has stated ‘there will be no admin charge for the TLC fund providing we only receive cash donations (therefore I suggest any cheque donations go to you first to be cashed)’

Every penny donated will go directly to the fund for the benefit of patients.



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