Planning Policy to 2021 – an extra 3000 houses

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The District Council Planning Policy and Transportation Committee meeting on 12 September presented the Council’s Core Strategy on planning for the next 15 years or more. Nothing was decided and there is public consultation.

But it gave a strong bias as to where the council will allow 3,000 extra homes to be built up to the year 2021.

Smellies for the Sick

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As well as being the Treasurer of Hawkwell HeartStart and a Parish Councillor, Christine runs this scheme on behalf of the community.  She runs the scheme day to day by liasing with the Southend Hospital and raises money and donations of toiletries to keep the project running.  Please “help us to help them”, we need Deodorants, Soap, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Talc, Combs, Razors, Shaving Foam, Body Wash, Liquid Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes Steredent and Lip Balm.  Offers of help please to Christine on 204377.

Police Community Support Officer Andrew Hill

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Police Community Support Officer Andrew Hill of the Hockley Neighbourhood Policing Team is adopting a novel approach to keeping in touch with the community – by organising regular surgeries in the local library.

He will be available to meet local residents and hear their concerns at the library in Southend Road, Hockley on Thursday afternoon, September 14th and every following Thursday up to and including October 5th.

Said Andrew: “I am looking forward to meeting as many people as possible. The surgeries provide an ideal opportunity for people to raise issues in a confidential, one-to-one environment. ”

Hawkwell West News – September 2006

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Ward News

First of all a “thank you” to all those who voted for me to continue my independent, residents mandate at Rochford District Council.  I am now the only Independent on RDC.  I have delayed the “victory newsletter” because the issues of the nuisance being caused by young people were my priority given the volume of e mails and calls that I was receiving.

The primary responsibility for policing and nuisance does not lie with the Parish or District Council although their Councillors and Officers will do everything they can to make our County Councillor, the Police and the Essex Police Authority aware of the issues and your concerns.  So what I have been doing is working with the District Council Officers and the Police on those issues where we have direct responsibility at RDC and can make real improvements.

The fence at the bottom of Park Gardens has been repaired, the gates replaced and an anti moped barrier erected.  The Police will now assist Service Team in locking the gates at night and there will be clear signage of closure times.  I have arranged for RDC to also replace the barrier and fencing at Hawkwell Park Drive, so if the moped riders wish to invade the playing fields again then they will be recorded by the CCTV at Clements Hall on entry and dealt with by Holmes Place Security and the Police. The murals on the pavilion are welcome and have stopped the graffiti here, and it is claimed, elsewhere.  This was a joint project involving RDC and the Police. But my concerns are that the young people who have been congregating at the end of Park Gardens will now return to Hawkwell Parade but hopefully the joint project between the shops and the Parish Council for the installation of CCTV will deter this when installed.

I have met with Chief Inspector John Walker, who is the Commander for Rochford District and he has kindly agreed that I can circulate the answers to many questions that I asked him.

Interestingly we concurred on our views on Dispersal and Curfew Orders but if Chief Inspector Walker were to apply for these in Hawkwell in the future then he will have my full support.

I also fully support any action under “Section 59” for confiscation and destruction of any vehicles that are misused.

Here is our Question and Answer Session

Refuse Collections Delayed because of Bank Holidays – An Alternative

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A resident has made this proposal to the Council.

No doubt because of the public holiday you have suffered a delay to your refuse collection. These delays are bought about by the service doing nothing till after the holiday – they catch up by working on Saturdays after the holiday.

Is it necessary that all the residents of Rochford District suffer these delays after every public holiday? Most holidays occur on a Monday so those households with a Monday collection would expect that there will be some disruption to their refuse collection. Why not collect their refuse on the previous Saturday – Tuesday you return to the normal scheduled collection service.

80% of the Borough would not be affected by the fact that the refuse collection service was not working on Monday. Because those households have not suffered any disruption to their normal refuse collection there is no requirement to pick up additional refuse in bags or boxes placed beside the bin.

With collections programmed in advance of the holiday – even with the longer holidays of Easter and Christmas it is possible to make collections with only a one day difference to that of a normal collection and normal service is restored much quicker.

Barrier at the end of Hawkwell Park Drive

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This was discussed at Hawkwell Parish Council and passed back to John.  With the Police and RDC it has now been decided to resolve the issue with a new barrier and fencing.

While I was out meeting people during the election the feedback I got was that the recent changes had been for the worse because the motor cyclists just roar down the road now and straight onto Clements Hall.

When I contacted RDC they said that this had been at the request of The Hawkwell Residents’ Association residents to let prams through.  

John Mason

Benchmark Doors Ltd. 90 Main Road. Hawkwell, Essex

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Benchmark Doors Ltd. 90 Main Road. Hawkwell, Essex

Environmental Protection Act 1990
Statutory Noise Nuisance from: Dust Extraction Unit

Here is an update with regards to the ongoing noise nuisance investigation.

This has now been resolved but I still need to be satisfied that there are no dangers of pollution.

Street Lights Out in the Vicinity of 258 Rectory Road

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Now resolved – if there are any other long standing problems like this please let John know.

From County Councillor Tracey Chapman as the Highways Department is responsible for these street lights.

“The problem is with the electricity provider who are being less than helpful. Highways are on to it and will ask the provider to deal with this as a matter of urgency. As soon as they get a commitment to a time and date will let you know.”

What goes on in the Local Elections?

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So what does go on in the Local Elections that shouldn’t and you don’t get to hear about? Read on to discover the level of activity that was undertaken against myself, an independent candidate in the 2006 Local Government Elections.

Abolition of The District Councils

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John Prescott now longer has the ODPM and David Miliband has moved on. Several senior civil servants are no longer involved.  It is rumoured that the Government does not wish to take on some County and District Councils.  The White Paper will now be published towards the end of October.

Recent election candidates for District Councils might find that the losers have the last laugh almost immediately as their office will most likely abolished with the District Councils as early as 2008 by the Labour Government.

The Labour Government is even thinking of calling off the next District Council elections due in 2007 to make way for early abolition of the District Councils.

Anti Social Behaviour and Vandalism

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I recognised the issue of policing in my election address as a matter of concern not just for Hawkwell but the whole Rochford District. This is not just an issue for Hawkwell or its representives to address alone.

The situation will not be improved across the District unless the whole District Council acts and obtains the level of policing we require from the newly merged Rayleigh and Southend Division. As I said in my election address the Council is still awaiting the Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Folkard to come to a Council Meeting and explain the basis of resourcing we have and challenge that is insufficient.

In the meantime I have advised Essex Police again, and just a few weeks ago, of the concerns of residents about young people coming into Hockley and Hawkwell by train because they have been dispersed by law from Rochford. There have been joint operations between the Transport Police and Essex Police at Hockley Rail Station in the past and I have asked that this operation be renewed. I have also asked Essex Police to increase patrols in Hawkwell.

MP finds time to spend in Hawkwell !!

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Our Conservative MP, Mark Francois, spent the evening of 4 May, in Hawkwell West talking to Conservative voters. It is a pity that he did not, as our MP, spend more time in Hawkwell speaking to a wider cross section of residents and actually working for us all rather than increase the Conservative Turnout and oust me, John Mason, an established “independent” from the District Council.

Why this was a priority for our MP, when the Conservatives have outright control of the District Council I cannot begin to understand. What would have been the benefit of yet another seat? Basically political domination with no other voices, especially independent ones, being heard in debate.

Local Events

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Don’t be shy !! Please post information about events, fetes, club meetings, concerts etc., here.

I will add them to the Calendar on the left for you where if users “hover” over a date the events on that day will be revealed.

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