Arriva 8 Bus Service Cuts – Update

July 7, 2008 by  

Color of rainThank you to everyone who wrote to Arriva objecting to a change of the 8 Bus Service to one per hour.

Whilst Arriva have stated that that they have not made a final decision, I think that we have to face the possibility that this decision could go through because I am advised of the rising cost of fuel and the low passenger numbers.  My concern is that with a service of only one per hour then passenger numbers will fall even further and next time the service will be cancelled.

Nevertheless the people that did write to Arriva have made their protest known but it is hard to see how that will alter the economics from Arriva’s point of view.

It is possible if the public make representations that Essex County Council might step in with a subsidy.  If you do feel strongly enough about the issue please join me in sending an email to our County Councillor, Tracey Chapman at cllr.tracey.chapman [at] [dot] uk 

Arriva will register their decision on service changes with the Traffic Commissioner on 10 August 2008. The public will be informed when Arriva advertise the revisions to customers by means of onboard advertising and via their website.  

The email Arriva sent to you in reply says that “No changes will be made without full consultation” but I can assure you that there will be no further consultation with the public because this will end with the Arriva consultation with Essex County Council.  So please email Tracey Chapman.

John Mason
Independent District Councillor for Hawkwell West



One Response to “Arriva 8 Bus Service Cuts – Update”
  1. Editor says:

    From County Councillor, Tracey Chapman

    John, I have spoken to the passenger team and it appears that there is nothing more I can do. There are just not sufficient passenger numbers for the county council to invest more money in the route. Officers have looked at this and the cost to the council taxpayer would be in excess of £100,000.

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