Arriva No 8 Bus – Improvements sought by RDC

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Planning Policy & Transportation Committee – 3 April 2007
Review of Bus Services

(1) That County Highways be asked to:-
– Explore with the local residents ways in which the transport link between the Dome and Hullbridge could be improved.
Planning Policy & Transportation Committee – 3 April 2007
-Explore ways of improving evening services generally.
-Explore the possibility of reinstating the No. 8 service from Hawkwell to Rayleigh during the week.
-Explore with the local residents ways in which the local bus services could be expanded to cater for people wishing to visit places of recreation from the Rochford District.
(2) That Central Government be lobbied to increase its funding to support subsidisation of the bus services in the county.
(3)  That Arriva be lobbied via Essex County Council to improve the condition of their buses and make them more user friendly.


Shaun Scrutton, The Head of Planning and Transportation at RDC has written to Essex County Council Highways Department requesting that this matter be investigated.

Following the report Cllr T Livings has had a meeting with a representative from Essex County Council to discuss the recommendations at which time Cllr Livings again mentioned the No 8 Bus Service and whilst he was advised that the extension from Hawkwell to Rayleigh is a long outstanding request that Arriva are well aware of, Essex CC have said they will raise it again with them at their next meeting.



3 Responses to “Arriva No 8 Bus – Improvements sought by RDC”
  1. Glen says:

    i think that the buses used on routes 7 & 8 are too old! there not user friendly because i’ve seen old people and mothers with push chairs who find it very difficult to get on & off.
    a few years ago we had modern, low-floor double deckers; they had comtable seats & very rarely became full. but arriva decided they were not suitable for southend and decided to move them to another area.
    in my opinion it’s about time that we had low-floor double deckers back on the 7 & 8, and get rid of these pieces of junk that arriva find aceptable to use.
    who agrees??

  2. Editor says:

    Hi Glen

    I agree with you. Arriva transferred the new buses which were specifically purchased for the 7 and 8 Routes, to Maidstone where,of course, Arriva The Shires is based. The buses we have are in terrible condition. I recall wondering why low floor buses were not the norm given the disability act and discovered that buses do not have to conform until 2015 !!



  3. Glen says:

    hey john

    well i have seen a few low-floor buses on the 7 & 8 over the past few weeks; at least arriva are trying i supose but it’s still not good enough it my opinion.
    arriva should cut the route 1 instead of the 8 because when you think about it loads of other services run along the london road. the number 27 run by first buses & arriva’s very own number 5 to name a few.
    if i was in charge this is what would happen: service 7 every 15 mins run with low-floor buses, service 8 would stay every 30 mins & extended to rayleigh station with each service operated by low-floor buses, service 1 would be cut from every 10 mins to 30 mins because other services run pretty much the same route as the 1! arriva also only run 2 number 1’s per hour to rayleigh anyway so the people who live on the 1 route between hadleigh & rayleigh would not be losing out 🙂

    hope someone from arriva reads this & something gets done because things can’t continue the way they are! all these old double deckers should have on the front of them number 0, destination scrap yard lol

    please support quality buses for routes 7 & 8 everyone by sharing you concerns on this page

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