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Arriva have announced to the District Council proposals that from 5 October the 8 Service could be extended to Rayleigh but cut to once an hour. The public was campaigning for the 8 to be extended to Rayleigh but NOT once an hour instead of a 30 minute service.

To object please email Arriva. Matthew Arnold customerservice [at] arriva-shires [dot] com

So getting to Hockley for the Doctor, Clinic, Library etc., will be harder for many who have no transport and cannot walk well or far, uphill.  And if there is a cancellation then one bus in 2 HOURS!!  As well as Hockley we will be cut off just same from Rochford and Southend if you need to go in the other direction.

You may not use the bus service at the moment but you may wish to in the future and other residents, our neighbours, do use it and need it.



2 Responses to “Arriva – Cuts to the 8 Service – Please Object”
  1. Editor says:

    Kieron H. O’Kane
    Customer Service Assistant

    I am writing further to your email regarding the potential changes to the services in the Southend area.

    I can confirm that currently there is an ongoing network review of all our services within the Southend area. This is aimed at improving our services which will ultimately benefit our passengers. As you are aware the rising cost of fuel has a direct affect on our services and therefore the pressure for the performance of underperforming routes holds a great importance.

    As of yet, despite speculation, no final decisions have been made in respect of changing routes. This will be an ongoing process which will take into account current trends, demand and opinions of interested parties. We do listen to our customers comments and for example the proposal to extend the number 8 to Rayleigh is a result of customer comments requesting such a change for a prolonged period.

    No changes will be made without full consultation, but let me thank you for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention.

  2. Editor says:

    Dear Mr. O’Kane

    I note the statement “As of yet, despite speculation, no final decisions have been made in respect of changing routes.”

    I have to point out to you what was stated by an Officer of the District Council in a letter to All Members.

    ” I understand that the proposed changes will be advertised at the beginning of August for implementation on the 5 October 2008.”

    Please note the construction “WILL BE ADVERTISED”. That is not a consultation and I am advised that it is a legal requirement to give such notice.

    On that basis both myself and many residents have concluded that the decision HAS BEEN MADE and that direct protest would be necessary to CHANGE THIS DECISION.

    If you feel that Arriva has been misrepresented in the briefing by the District Council please contact Shaun Scrutton.

    I note your last line stating that “No changes will be made without full consultation”.

    Please advise me when you intend to carry out a full consultation and who and how you will be consulting before you Advertise the Changes which I am advised is a legal requirement NOT a consultation.

    John Mason

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