Bins of Confusion

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Bin collection update 07 January 2010

All bin collections have been suspended throughout the District due to dangerous icy conditions on all side roads and pavements.

This is what happened before Christmas bins

BIN collections across Rochford district were suspended until 28 /12.

The District Council announced the suspension on Christmas Eve because of “icy conditions proving very dangerous for both the personnel and vehicles”.

From Monday 28/12 contractors Sita  started collecting all the bins they were unable to collect last week, but compostable food waste will not be collected until this week.

If householders’ compostables bins gets full up by then, the council has said that, as part of a one-off arrangement for this week only, food or garden waste can be left in the purple-lidded bin for non-recyclables.

A Hawkwell resident said on the Echo Web Site on Sun 27 Dec 09

“looks like we will be doing a tip run once again. Before we went on these 3 bins, 1 for food, 1 for rubbish and 1 for recyclable, at xmas time they would take all rubbish at next collection after xmas including stuff left beside bins, as the powers that be acknowledged there would be extra rubbish. Last year with the new bins, the council took a backward step in intelligence and seemed to think that the rubbish would be less than previous. The collections go as follows wk 1 non recyclable, and food, wk 2 recyclable and food. Last week our collection was due on thursday, which was the non recyclable, they didnt show, this week its the recyclable (technically) the above message doesn’t make sense, are they going to take last weeks rubbish and this weeks rubbish in one hit and any extra created by xmas as the non recyclable is already full from previous 2 weeks or are they just going to assume, as they did last year, that the rubbish will be minimum. In which case i had better load up my car now and go down the tip, the rubbish collection now is more rubbish than it was before. It would make more sense to take the non recylable and recyclable bins weekly and food one 2 wkly, as my food bin is rarely used. (i cant abide waste and if we dont eat it, dog gets it)”

The only advice available from RDC’s web site is as follows;

From Monday 28 December, SITA crews will be collecting the bins which were unable to be collected during the week commencing 21 December. However, there will be no collections of compostables until the week commencing 4 January 2010.

Residents are asked to not leave their compostables bins out for collection until the week commencing 4 January, however, if resident’s compostables bins are full before this time then compostable material will be accepted in the Non Recyclables purple lidded bin. Please note that this is a one off arrangement due to the disruptions that have been experienced and residents should by no means continue to put their compostables into their Non Recyclables bin after this time.

Not enough information though because it does not answer the questions asked by the Hawkwell Resident above.

I don’t think that residents will have a problem wth compostables being deferred until 4 January because there is not a volume of garden rubbish in the winter.  

I sense that residents are going to be disappointed that they are only going to get the catch up collection this week for non  recyclables and the recyclables, which abound over the festive season will be overflowing to the old blue bins and to sacks.  The only problem isthat despite a request from RDC everybody is still using black sacks for all overflows.  So what will happen?  Will the black sacks be rejected?  And left for another non recyclable run  next week despite being filled with recyclables?   

Can’t even ask RDC online because on the Council’s own website, residents comments have been turned off it seems to “private” on the ‘bin news’ article !!

The Official line is ” RDC will continue to update the website as soon as we have any further information, or you can check the local press or please feel free to ring our Recycling Team on 01702 318 111 or call SITA on 01702 533 880 for updates.”



2 Responses to “Bins of Confusion”
  1. Editor says:


    On Wednesday 30 December and Thursday 31 December non-recyclable collections from last week will be collected from Great Wakering, Paglesham & Canewdon, and on Saturday 2 January recyclables will be collected from these areas.

    The recyclable collections from the rest the District will be on the normal day for collection. SITA will be collecting any surplus recyclable waste presented as long as it is not in black plastic sacks. Any non recyclable bins presented will also be emptied.

    From 4 January normal collections will be resumed with compostables and non recyclable collections on the normal day of collection.”

  2. Editor says:

    I believe in giving credit where it is due as well. After a wait of 3 weeks for a collection of non recycling in my part of Hawkwell, RDC duly kept to the schedule published above and not only picked this up but also met the 2 weekly collection of recyclables. Well done and thank you. But I do think that some recyclables got into black plastic sacks. Mostly because it is difficult to find clear bags in the shops to meet such a contingency.

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