Christmas Tree Farm, Hawkwell is Appealed to The Government

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The Refusal of the David Wilson Homes Planning Application has already been Appealed to The Government.  

The Appeal for the 330 Dwellings at Rectory Rd / Main Rd / Clements Hall Way has been validated by the Planning Inspectorate and is in the initial processing stage. The Appeal reference no is APP/B1550/A/09/2118700/NWF.

Public Inquiry will be held on 27/04/2010 and could run for up to 4 days 

Link Here

Grounds for Appeal Here

There will be an Inquiry in public in 2/3 months time.

Notifications from the District Council are about to be sent out to residents, Councillors and other interested parties.
This will advise residents that their previous letters received will be forwarded to the Inspector.  But should they wish to comment further they are welcome to write to the Planning Inspectorate by 27th January.
The Christmas Tree Farm Appeal reference No. is APP/B1550/A/09/2118700/NWF. This should be quoted on any correspondence to the inspectorate concerning this appeal.
Given the level of public interest RDC is currently establishing how best to make the appeal papers available electronically for the public inspection, perhaps with a quick link, over the  Council’s web site.  This information in the first instance will comprise an Appeal Form completed by the Applicant and the stated grounds of appeal.
The Appeal for the 326 Dwellings at Coombes Farm has also been validated by the Planning Inspectorate and is similarly in the initial processing stage. The Appeal reference no is APP/B1550/A/09/2118433/NWF.
I will advise you soon where this information can be inspected.



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  1. Editor says:

    Southend Standard
    Homes plan is rejected after green belt row
    Wednesday 6th January 2010

    DEVELOPERS have appealed against a council decision to refuse plans for 330 new homes on green belt land.

    David Wilson Homes wanted to build the houses off Rectory Road, Hawkwell, but Rochford District Council rejected the plans last month.

    The development would include community and health facilities, roads and open space at a tree nursery called Christmas Tree Farm.

    The proposals generated opposition among neighbours, who said the scheme would damage the character of the village.

    Hawkwell Parish Council and 192 members of the public objected, while a 250-person petition was handed in to the council.

    David Wilson Homes claimed the site had previously been identified as potential housing land, and would have to be used in the future.

    Council members rejected the plans because the housing would be on green belt land, and was out of character with the surrounding semi-rural area. But the developers have challenged the reasons for refusal.

    Agent Martin Hull states “the council has misunderstood the extent of their own housing need”, and the green belt boundary around Hawkwell should be moved “to create an appropriate boundary”.

    An inquiry will be heard by a Government inspector this spring. Neighbours can attend and ask to address the inquiry.

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