Closure of Doctors Surgeries in Rochford and Hawkwell

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Medical Care : Matter of Concern Number 4, Residents Survey – Hawkwell West 2007

I have been contacted by many people in Rochford District about the PCT intention to close the late Dr. Sen’s Surgeries in Hawkwell and Rochford.

I understand that a final decision will be made by the NHS Primary Care Trust on 29 March 2007, 12.30 pm at Harcourt House, Harcourt Avenue, Southend.  This meeting is open to the public.

Let me say that I have not been consulted, nor have the imperative reasons why these have to close been made known to me by the PCT.

I have written to  the PCT asking what is going on and they have not replied.

A public meeting was held by the AdHoc Committee on 17 March, 2.00 pm at Hawkwell Village Hall.  About 250 people attended to object to the closures of the Hawkwell Park Drive and Leecon Way surgeries.

The PCT was only there to take notes despite having a legal obligation to consult with patients.  I reckon that this is meant to be a discussion not a passive note taking participation by the PCT.

The meeting was chaired by Lorraine Holditch who was previously the Patient Representative on the Rochford and Castle Point PCT.  The merger had happened between the PCT’s in October and nobody had told her that she had been dropped from the PCT !! RDC Director of External Services, Graham Woolhouse had also been dropped but at least he knew.  Therefore until the letters came out on 28 February nobody else knew apart from the PCT.

Dr. Mrs Sen has signed a three year lease and there is a 25 year lease on the table.

The bad news was that the 3000 patients could be accomodated in the Back Lane and Jones Family Surgery; so said Dr. Jamie Nicholls and a representative from Rochford called Lorraine.

It looks like a strategy by the PCT to save money by consolidating.

Lorraine Holditch introduced Bonnie Hart, Tory County Councillor and Tory District Councillor Derek Stansby. 

 As a District Councillor for Hawkwell I reminded the PCT that we are the Owners of the NHS and we wanted to keep our Surgeries.

Myra Weir spoke as a resident of 43 years. The Hawkwell Parish Council Chairman did not attend but I understand that he may be ill. But neither did the Hawkwell Parish Council Vice Chairman attend.

Residents were encouraged by the Adhoc Committee to write individual letters of complaint to the PCT and go to the meeting on 29 March.



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  1. admin says:

    ‘We’re sorry about surgery letter’
    By David Giles

    Courtesy of the Evening Echo

    A HEALTH trust has apologised to thousands of patients for misleading them over the potential closure of two doctor’s surgeries.

    South East Essex Primary Care Trust has earmarked surgeries in Leecon Way, Rochford, and Hawkwell Park Drive, Hawkwell, for closure.

    On February 28, it sent a letter to the 3,000 patients at the two surgeries saying there was “no option” but to close them and that they should register elsewhere.

    However, the trust has now said no final decision had been made and it apologised for any confusion to patients.

    A letter from Lorraine Cabel, the interim chief executive of the trust, reads: “Following patient feedback, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any anxiety this letter may have caused.

    “It appears that the final paragraph on page one of that letter has caused considerable concern and led patients to believe that a final decision regarding the future of these surgeries had already been made.

    “However, it was clarified on page two that a further letter would be sent to all patients once the stakeholders’ views had been sought and a decision reached.

    “In addition, we would like to clarify that it was not our intention to imply that the current situation regarding the surgeries is the responsibility of the landlord.”

    The Echo had previously reported that the landlord of both surgeries, Dr Gurmeet Sen, had signed a three-year lease with the trust but had offered them a 15-year lease.

    Chris Wiseman, who is campaigning to save the two surgeries, said it was important patients stood up to the trust.

    He said: “It has taken them three weeks, but at least they have admitted it. We want to urge people not to leave the surgeries but to stay until we know what is happening.”

    The trust will hold a meeting to discuss the future of the surgeries at 12.30pm on March 29 at Harcourt House, in Harcourt Avenue, Southend.

  2. admin says:

    This is the Recommendation being made by the PCT on 29 March.

    The Board is asked to agree the following recommendations:

    • The Rochford and Hawkwell practice will continue to be managed by the PCT.

    • That a negotiation team is formed immediately to work on the development of the new lease with the Landlord.

    • The PCT works with the patient representatives and other stakeholders to develop a range of quality standards for the practice now and into the future.

    • A piece of work, led by the Director of Strategic Development and Commissioning is actioned to develop a robust process for managing practices that become vacant to ensure a consistent approach is adopted.

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