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Is the Conservative Group on Rochford District Council already seriously split and are some Tory Members on the verge of not only resigning the party whip but leaving the Conservative Party Group?

Here is an anonymous comment made on the Lib Dems web site:

anonone Says: June 15th, 2007 

Has the council changed forever? There are quite a lot of Tori councillors here in Rayleigh that are very unhappy with this situation and are trying to band a group to bring back the old council as we used to know it. And im not talking any of the portfolio holders whoos slip of the ______ Its time this council was reverted back to it previous state were councillors felt they were taking part not left like ZOMMBIES.

I have had recent conversations with three NON Rayleigh Tory Councillors who have also talked about leaving the Conservative Group because of issues relating to the NEW Political Structure.

They will have to leave the Party because I asked Paul Warren, the CEO of RDC, at a Member Training Session if he could forsee any opportunity to return to the Committee system. He gave me the shortest answer I have ever received from him…… unconditional NO !!

How will the new Tory Member for Hockley North get on?  I hope that he knows that he will be assigned one or two Tory Members to act as Monitors to ensure that he tows the party line. How do I know this?  Because I had a conversation recently with a Conservative County Councillor who happily advised me that this was how the Conservative Party Group worked.  So the electors of Hockley North elected a Party not a Member who will be told what to do and say ather than represent the residents how they wish !!



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