Could this have meant the end for the Hawkwell Surgery?

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From the Echo


The fight put up by the Hawkwell Community saved the old Dr. Sen Surgery from closure but is this proposal another threat from the local NHS?

“A DOCTOR has launched a campaign against plans to develop a new super clinic in Rochford and Rayleigh.

Dr Jamie Nicholls, of the Jones Family Practice, in Hockley, said patients could have to travel miles to see a doctor, and the personal touch will be lost.

Rumours have been circulating about derelict land next to Rosedale Court in Hockley Road, Rayleigh being the likely site for the super clinic.

GPs would be given the option to move into the new superclinic, but Dr Nicholls fears there will be no choice in the matter.”

For more information about a campaign, including a petition, to save the surgeries go to




3 Responses to “Could this have meant the end for the Hawkwell Surgery?”
  1. Editor says:

    From Brian Guyett, Hockley Residents Association

    Will your GP surgery move?

    Local health boss, Andrew Pike, has told doctors in Hockley that he wants to create a large ‘polyclinic’ to provide medical services for the Rayleigh/Hockley/Hawkwell/Ashingdon/Rochford area. He plans to have this open by 2012 on the vacant plot of ground opposite the cemetery in Hockley Road, Rayleigh. This could mean GPs from surgeries across the district moving to the new site, as well as other health services.

    This is a significant change to previous plans which envisaged two separate clinics covering Rayleigh and Hockley/Rochford. Patients and doctors alike have previously raised concerns about GP services having to move but the new plans are likely to upset everyone in the area, apart from the lucky few living close to the proposed site. Access will be particularly difficult for people without cars as there is a very limited bus service.

    Doctors have been told that they will not be forced to move to the new clinic but fear they will have no choice as they will be starved of funds with priority going to the new centre.

    The revised proposal seems to taken Mr Pike’s staff in the Primary Care Trust (PCT) by surprise but the PCT will be coming to Hockley Residents Association’s next meeting on 10 June at 8:00pm in Kilnfield House, Hockley (adjacent to the station ticket office) to explain. Everyone welcome to attend.

  2. Editor says:

    We’ve had the following from Brian Guyett, Chairman of the Hockley Residents Association, as a follow up to what was on the HRA website:

    I would like to start a debate on what we would like to see, as opposed to what we don’t want.

    The suggestion of a large polyclinic covering the whole of the Rochford to Rayleigh District, sited in an inconvenient location with limited public transport, is a major concern. However, the PCT now seems to be playing down this suggestion.

    The PCT have been using the new Leigh Primary Care Centre as an example of their plans. This is based on one GP practice, has consolidated existing local services, and extra, new services (midwife and outpatients services) transferred from Southend Hospital, all in one, new building. If the PCT proposed something based on this model for a good location in each major town, I believe the majority of residents would be very pleased.

    This area is under the national average for primary care services and we would welcome and support additional investment in an appropriate facility.

    We will see what the PCT has to say on Tuesday night but what do you think?

  3. No Polyclinic but more NHS dentists

    PCT bosses have refuted the idea of a polyclinic for Rayleigh/Hockley/Rochford
    but admitted they are looking for a clinic in the Rayleigh area. A packed meeting
    heard local GP, Dr S Mahmud, outline his ideas for developing his existing practice
    and applauded loudly, echoing national criticism of polyclinics. The PCT also
    acknowledged the need to upgrade/replace the ageing Hockley Clinic and the HRA
    remains concerned these facilities could be lost to a new clinic in Rayleigh.

    The good news was that NHS dentists’ capacity in Hockley/Rochford will be
    increased by about 50% in the next few weeks. The majority will go to Rochford
    but the White Hart Lane dentists will get the equivalent of an extra 2 days
    per week (an increase of about 25%). An announcement will soon be made of when and how to register.

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