David Wilson Homes/Barratts, Clements Gate – Update No 8 – Street Naming

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Have you ever wondered how and why streets get called what they do?

Some are very obvious, Main Road, London Road, Esplanade, Wood End etc.

Some more obscure.

When a new road is formed certain criteria for the names are considered.  One consideration is easy spelling so that a name is unlikely to be misspelt.  Another consideration is easy pronunciation in case of Emergency.

Names that reflect subjects that can be identified with the area such as Nursery Corner are encouraged.  One big “NO, NO” are names that relate to a person who is either living or those who have been alive during living memory.

Only under exceptional circumstances will this be given consideration and justification will be required, as well as consent from the person or family.

The main exception to this is where our War Heroes are killed in action and local Councils can use the Road/Street Naming process to commemorate their sacrifice if the families are agreeable.

Because one of the criteria for names is that there should be no confusion between neighbouring areas and districts it is probably preferable that each Council commemorates its own heroes.

David Wilson Homes or Barratts at Clements Gate, Hawkwell is an opportunity for this policy to be exercised without favour and in accordance with policy.

Unfortunately confusion has been caused as Barratts have produced two different lists of suggestions.

However it would appear from an examination of the Section 106 Agreement that many names that were put forward by Barratts belonged to the past and present landowners comprising the area now known as Clements Gate.

Whilst John and I initially decided not to comment or suggest names we did previously advise Barratts informally and verbally that we felt it inappropriate that personal names should be used in view of the lack of support locally for the development.

This has been a highly controversial, lengthy, series of planning applications in view of the strength of opposition by the local community.

Some of the names put forward such as Nursery Drive and Badgers Walk reflect the previous use of the land and would not continue to cause objection from the community.

Once a developer like Barratts submits names they are subjected to a simple process checking that they comply with policy and are acceptable to the local Post Office/Royal Mail before being put to Ward Councillors for consideration.

We do hope that suitable names are eventually going to be chosen by your District Council Officers in conjunction with Barratts and that the objections that we have put forward on behalf of residents will be accepted by Barratts.

We cannot be sure of that because this is development that your District Council has imposed on us and we hope that the street names adopted by Barratts and RDC do not perpetuate unnecessary controversy into the future.

If you want to have your say write to Sarah Fowler at RDC; as soon as possible please.



One Response to “David Wilson Homes/Barratts, Clements Gate – Update No 8 – Street Naming”
  1. Editor says:

    Here are the recommendations we put forward to RDC.

    This is why we chose Lewis Close/Avenue and objected to ALL of the other personalised names.

    Clements Gate Proposed Street Names

    Already submitted and no objections

    Nursery Drive
    Beehive Lane
    Honeypot Close
    Badgers Walk
    Primrose Place
    Lewis Close/Avenue

    The following three would be our preferred additions out of the new list

    Christmas Tree Close
    Fir Tree Drive
    Spruce Drive

    We object to the following two for the stated reasons

    Holly Close (too similar to Holly Court, Hockley)
    Honey Bee Drive (confusing with Honeypot Close, either one would be fine, but not both)

    Whilst we do not object to the following we do not think that these are appropriate or suitable

    Pottingshed Close
    Tomato Drive
    Lettuce Lane
    Greenhouse Close
    Compost Close

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