Does this affect you? Sites Suggested for Housing Development in Hockley/Hawkwell

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Planning : Matter of Concern Number 5, Residents Survey – Hawkwell West 2007

Sites Suggested for Development in Hockley/Hawkwell

These sites have been suggested by landowners to Rochford District Council as part of its consultation on the Rochford Core Strategy.  An allocation of 400 houses is recommended.  Does this affect you?

1                 Land off Folly Lane , Hockley

2                 Land off Magnolia Road, Hockley

3                 Land off Thorpe Road, Hawkwell

4                 Land off Beckney Avenue, Hockley

5                 Site at the Pear Tree, New Park Road, Hockley

6                 Land at Greensward Lane, Hockley at the junction of Trinity Wood Road

7                 Land adjoining Marylands Avenue, Merryfields Avenue, Brackendale Close and Plumberow Avenue

8                 La Vallee Farm

9                 Land at Church Road, Hockley

10             Land to the south of Ironwell Lane, Hawkwell

11             Land at Greenacres, Victor Gardens, Hockley

12             Land at 57 High Road, Hockley

13             Land at Pond Chase Nurseries, Hockley

14             Land on the north side of Mount Bovers Lane, Hawkwell, Essex (between ‘Lynton’ and ‘Clairmont’)

15             Land between Holyoak Lane and Mount Bovers Lane, Hawkwell, Essex (adjacent to Pear Tree Cottage)

16             Land at Folly Chase, Hockley

17             Land east of Clements Hall Sports Centre, Hawkwell

18              Land at Magees Nurseries, Windsor Gardens, Hawkwell

19             Land south of Mount Bovers Lane, Hockley

20             Essexwire Works, Lower Road, Hockley

21             Land at 155 Greensward Lane

22             Land at Plumberow Avenue, Hockley

23             Land south east of Hockley Station, Hockley



2 Responses to “Does this affect you? Sites Suggested for Housing Development in Hockley/Hawkwell”
  1. admin says:

    From kwickham (the spam filter deleted the post)

    As the areas noted have no real definition, the publicising of such a list will again lead to speculation and concerns, we had this with the usual NIMBY effect at the Etheldore Estate some years ago. What is needed is a completed list and site maps so that informed discussion can take place not just strirring the already muddy waters for political gain.

    Till the oposing political parties come forward with real alternatives what hope do we the electorate have in voting in some real members for the Council with minimalistic voting figures.

  2. admin says:

    Hello Mr. Wickham, I think we have met before. I agree that all this information should have been made available with this consultation. But the consultation has been specifically designed to be made without it. You are asked to agree the allocations now and the specific sites later. But once you have agreed to 400 then that is it. How on earth can you judge whether an extra 400 houses in Hockley is acceptable when you do not know where. I had to prise this information out of the Council. If it creates the furore that this is wrong then I think that sort of protest is quite right too.

    I agree that is so disappointing that greater energy and vigour has yet to be directed against this sorry situation.

    John Mason

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