Essex has £6.5 Billion Shortfall on Infrastructure

June 28, 2009 by  

Another From a paper submitted to the Cabinet of Rochford District Council.  The full paper, Strategic Countywide Economic and Housing Issues, can be downloaded here.

“Essex has traditionally taken a significant proportion of economic and housing growth without benefitting from the necessary infrastructure improvements to enable growth to take place in a truly planned and sustainable manner. The paper estimates that the cost of delivering the supporting infrastructure across Essex is some £7.6 billion, with an identified funding gap of £6.5 billion. If Essex is to continue to deliver the levels of development anticipated, then this gap needs to be closed and greater levels of infrastructure investment achieved.”

There is a huge dependency on transport (highway) and other infrastructure identified in the Rochford Core Strategy.  The Rochford Core Strategy advises that other authorities are responsible for providing this. Clearly with this level of funding gap across Essex which is unlikely to be closed due to the present economic climate it follows that it would be unwise to rely on the infrastructure which is identified in the Rochford Core Strategy actually being provided.  So does the Rochford Core Strategy look unsustainable?


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