Hawkwell Village Plan has come to a stop

June 18, 2008 by  

Picture6The Editor met with Parish Councillor Myra Weir last night at the Public Meeting and she confirmed that the three members of the public who agreed to act as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer have sent the initial funding cheque back to the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE).  This signifies that they did not wish to proceed.

This means that  the whole process must start again. Months of preparation and several public meetings have been wasted.

What is a Village Plan?

A Parish Plan determines the future of your community, and how it can change for the better.  It is a document that sets out a vision for the future of the parish and outlines how that can be achieved in an Action Plan.

The Parish Plan process may include:

A Village Appraisal – a household questionnaire to assess needs and aspirations of local people
Participatory Appraisals – hands-on interactive workshops
Business Surveys
Creation of an Action Plan

Furthermore with plans for 365 extra houses for Hawkwell West a rejection of this in a Village Plan would have been an official document that the District Council would have to listen to.



2 Responses to “Hawkwell Village Plan has come to a stop”
  1. Editor says:

    It has now come to my attention that the cheque referred to was £300 from Hawkwell Parish Council and not the RCCE. The reason that the members of the public leading the Hawkwell Village Plan returned the cheque to the Parish Council was because the RCCE could not fund the cost of £10,000. It comes down to the same thing though, it has stopped. The Parish Council could either start the process again and fund it all itself or even taken on the project and run the project as a Council project with Parish Councillors doing the work with Parish Council funding. As this is a vital step in making decisions on major housing development then I would urge the Parish Council to take this on direct with Parish Councillors actually rolling up their sleeves and making sure this gets into the Local Development Framework.

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