Hockley Regeneration Plan – How could this affect Hawkwell?

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 But how could this affect Hawkwell?  Apart from the obvious that many, many people from Hawkwell regard Hockley Village as a place for public resources and shopping – one of the Options (2.1) involves building up to 200 houses/apartments on the Eldon Way Industrial Estate.  Is this the best Option ignoring the interests of protecting Hawkwell’s green belt?  Where would the industrial users go?  To the proposed new industrial area at the Airport. If this Option were chosen then the total number of houses that are proposed to be built on green belt in Hawkwell could be reduced from 330 to 130 which in turn could be built on a brown field site like the industrial site at Magees in Hawkwell.

If this is what Hawkwell would prefer then Hawkwell residents need to say so in the Hockley Town Centre Consultation.  It is up to you !! Is this a better place for development?  A re-use of a brown field site?  But remember that green belt is being proposed for industrial use at the airport.  But is this a better place for this development?  Does it make more sense than an industrial estate in the centre of Hockley?
Don’t forget to tie up your thoughts with the concurrent consultation on the airport.

Rochford District Council says ”

Hockley Area Action Plan Issues and Options

Plans for Hockley centre regeneration – your views sought
A new square, village green, more leisure, retail, commercial and housing – would you like to see these in the centre of Hockley?
The Council are in the process of producing an Area Action Plan for Hockley. This Area Action Plan will set the planning framework for the central area of Hockley, directing development and guiding public and private investment in the area.”
Please ensure that any comments you wish to make are received by 5pm on 30th April 2009. You also might wish to record your comments on this Article.


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