Illegal Banners, Mobile Hoardings and other Advertising Posters

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The principle that RDC stated in its interview with the Echo is correct but why, oh why, does it let the mobile hoardings that permanently live alongside and on our roads stay there and why does it not take down ALL the flyposting? Other indentifiable advertisers should be prosecuted for planning violations and fined. 
Christmas lights banner row

Echo 5th December 2009
A COUNCIL employee has been criticised for taking down banners promoting a Christmas lights launch ceremony.

Rochford Parish Council put up three banners on November 26 in Bradley Way, Cherry Orchard Road and the junction of West Street and Hall Road, announcing the display in the Market Square this Sunday.

But the next day, Friday, November 27, they noticed the banners had all been removed.

A Rochford District Council officer had taken them down because they did not have permission to go up.

Parish council chairman Maureen Vince said: “I’m disappointed they didn’t get in touch with us first to say they were taking them down.

“It would have been a bit more of an amicable approach.”

Mrs Vince said the parish council would put the banners back up again, but was worried about the district council removing them again just days before the switching-on ceremony.

She said: “That would be extremely disappointing so close to the ceremony.”

She admitted the parish council did not have permission, but there had never been a problem in previous years.

The district council’s head of planning, Shaun Scrutton, said: “Whatever the organisation and whatever the event, adverts which are displayed on the public highway require consent before they can be displayed.

“This consent is obtained through a simple process by applying to the local planning authority, who assess the location of the advert based on issues of visual amenity and highway safety.”

Mr Scrutton said to put up an advert or sign, organisations must apply to the planning department to get an application form and must also send in plans and drawings and pay a charge.


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