Is £30,000 Budget to much for a short bridleway extension?

July 11, 2009 by  

About 4 years ago following complaints from local residents about motorcycle riders getting on to the recreation ground at Clements Hall, I got involved with asking for a proper fence to be put across the end of Hawkwell Park Drive, together with a proper gate to allow prams but not motorcycle to pass.

Unfortunately that meant that horseriders could not access the bridleway running from Hawkwell Park Drive to Park Gardens and onto another route.

This was an oversight and the Council consulted with ECC and Hawkwell Parish Council.  It was discovered that there was not a safe route anyway from the bridleway crossing and adjoining Clements Hall Way/Spencers Park to Hawkwell Park Drive through the grounds at Clements Hall.

Hawkwell Parish Council offered an extension on the boundary of Spencers Park and there still needed to be a further new bridleway extension from Spencers Park to Hawkwell Park Drive within the grounds of Clements Hall.

Is this too expensive in the present economic climate or good value for money?  I would be interested in your views.


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