Licensing Decision on the Cusp – White Hart Public House

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FarmTechnically this pub is in Hockley Parish and representative RDC Members are from Hockley Central Ward although there is a Licensing Committee which makes decisions where applications receive objections. 

The boundary between Hockley and Hawkwell runs down the middle of White Hart Lane.

Outdoor Music was recently permitted by Rochford District Council under what is called a Temporary Event Notice. The noise concerned some residents.

The White Hart has now applied for a new premises license. This comprises 37 Activities including Performance of Live Music, Inside and Out.

Written objections had to be in by 10 July 2009.  There were only 8.  This allows these people to appoint others to represent them if they wish at the Hearing. Of these 7 residents live technically in Hockley Central Ward and any of the following councillors could speak for these residents.

Cllr Mrs C A Weston 1 New Hall Road Hockley Essex SS5 5JT   
Cllr K H Hudson Lower Hockley Hall Farm Lower Road Hockley Essex SS5 5LT
Cllr  J Thomass 2A Hamilton Gardens Hockley Essex SS5 5BU

Only one objector was from Hawkwell West and that objector has chosen a representative other than one of the District Council Ward Members for Hawkwell West, John Mason or Derrick Stansby.

John Mason lives more than 1 km from the pub so cannot object personally either.

The Council has exercised discretion in allowing written objections to be made almost up to the hearing date of 30 July which will be at the Civic Suite in Rayleigh at 10.00 am.  But late objectors cannot speak nor appoint a representative to speak.



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  1. Editor says:

    Campaigners win battle to stop pub staging outside events
    Echo Friday 31st July 2009

    CAMPAIGNING villagers have won their battle to stop a pub staging outside events.

    Members of the newly-formed White Hart Lane Residents’ Group were joined by other residents concerned about the application by the White Hart Inn, Hockley.

    The pub wanted a licence to stage events inside and outside the building, including live bands.

    But residents said it would cause noise and disruption and the pub was told it could only put on live bands inside, and the doors and windows must be closed. Julie Hindley, of the residents’ group, has lived in the road for 25 years. She said: “I’ve never had cause to complain before, however since the White Hart staged its first outdoor music event, my view has changed.

    “It was so loud I was driven inside. After the event I discovered they had applied for a permanent licence.”

    Neil Smith and his business partner took over the pub 18 months ago.

    Mr Smith’s wife, Deborah, said in her submission to the committee they were trying to find ways to keep the pub open for future generations. She said: “Pubs are closing every week and people are not coming out just for a drink, we have to provide more than drinks sales to keep the doors open.”

    She said they had hoped to hold four events a year for a maximum of two-and-a-half hours, finishing at 7.30pm, and they had discussed these plans in a meeting with some of the residents that had the original objections.

    Council leader Terry Cutmore said: “Entertainment inside will be permitted as long as all windows and doors are closed. Applicants are entitled to apply for a temporary license from the police for outside events.”

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