Mobility Scooters and yet another Planning Appeal

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Richard Boyd is CEO of Disability Essex and a resident of Hawkwell, in Rochford District, Essex .
Members of the Commons Transport Committee were given a list of people in Essex and Norfolk who had been killed or injured in scooter incidents.

An Essex disability group said the list of fatal or dangerous incidents involving drivers “goes on”.

Richard Boyd from the campaign group Disability Essex told the committee: “One lady in Chelmsford fell off her scooter and was killed by it.”

He added: “Another lady in Clacton was taking her dog for a walk on the sea front, the dog pulled the scooter over and it fell on her and killed her.

“In Wickford, a blind gentleman drove across the road and was hit by a bus, and so it goes on.”

The committee will consider the evidence and decide in future whether more training and updated legislation is needed.

About Disability Essex

The unique bespoke eco-training centre in Roche Way, Rochford is now reaching completion at Rochford, Essex. In addition to the very low energy requirement (only 5% of that of an equivalent traditional building) the interior design is adaptable for the full range of disability requirements.

The entire project was initiated by Disability Essex, now celebrating its 60th anniversay as the premier county-wide organisation for disability issues. The project will have cost in excess of £2 million when complete, and the building will be the first “Passivhaus/BREEAM Excellent 2009” accredited building, of its type, in England.

Substantial funds were made available by the East of England Regional Development Agency, matched by money from The European Regional Development Fund. Other notworthy funders  were the Charity Bank, and Henry Smith Charity. Over £350,000 was raised and invested by the charity, before construction began in March 2009. The land was sold to the charity by Essex County Council.


In recognition of outstanding innovation and mitigation to deal with climate change was awarded to Disability Essex

The European Council of the Regions hosted an international conference at their HQ in Brussels, on 24th June 2008. The subject was “Climate Change and the Challenges for Public Health”. Co-sponsors were the European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA) and the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL).

Genon Jensen, Executive Director of the Health and Environmental Alliance, congratulated the charity and its architects on the design of the eco-building and the unique health and retraining projects which will take place within it.

But ECHO News, A CHARITY in Rochford has been dealt a blow after being told it cannot let other groups use its new training centre.

Planning permission for Disability Essex’s new building on land next to the adult community college, was granted in 2008 to provide offices and teaching facilities for the charity.

The charity wanted to allow the building to be used by other training providers.

However, Permission to allow other groups to use the facilities was refused at a meeting of Rochford District Council’s development control committee following a strong objection from Rochford Parish Council.

The parish council said: “Allowing this application could set a precedent if an applicant had intention of circumventing the strict green belt development regulations.”

Letters of objection were also received from 15 people, who said noise and traffic would annoy neighbours and the site was already busy.

Richard Boyd, of Disability Essex, said the charity had already started an appeal process.

He said: “The nub of the situation is we have permission to use our buildings to do a series of operations. If we do them there is no objection, if someone does it with us there is no objection but if someone says they are going to be the leader then they can’t come here.”


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