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This is a Panel of Residents put together by Essex Police.

The names of the members are not published and will change from time to time as it would be pointless to always have the same voices. It is not open to Councillors or people with any particular political view.

The agreed priorities will be published in various ways, initially on web page

Where it says Hockley the Police mean Hawkwell/Hockley (it says Hockley because that is the name of their team!!)

The Neighbourhood Action Panels (aka NAPs) are intended to set the Neighbourhood Policing Team priorities ie speeding, nuisance, youths etc.,

The policing priorities for Hawkwell/Hockley are:

  • Youth nuisance
  • Criminal damage
  • Speeding/driving issues
  • Anti-social behaviour – other
  • Graffiti

The last NAP was held in early April. The panel suggested the following priorities that the team will focus on:

Speeding – especially around Rectory Road and Main Road, Hawkwell.
Nuisance Youths – throughout Hawkwell/Hockley.
Mopeds – pulling wheelies and general poor driver behaviour.

But according to my Residents Survey:

Anti Social Behaviour : Matter of Concern Number 1, Residents Survey – Hawkwell West 2007


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