New Houses for the Mythical World of “HockWell”

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The latest version of the District Council’s Core Strategy is now available from the Rochford District Council website.

And the Council still is talking about this mythical place called HockWell !! This is because the Council insists that Hawkwell and Hockley are grouped together “because of housing markets and access to services and facilities”.

Hawkwell West, which is still masqueraded by the Council under the misdescription of “South Hawkwell”, is nothing at all like Hockley in terms of access to services and facilities.  

You can download the document here.  It is a total of 170 very full pages about where 2785 houses are proposed to be built in our district from 2011 to 2025.

For Hawkwell I am pleased to tell you that the residents campaign by The Hawkwell Action Group (HAG) has caused the proposed 330 houses to be built in Hawkwell West to be reduced to 175.  The bad news is that it they are phased to be built by 2015.

As I said in my recent Newsletter that we delivered to you in the last week or so, I will continue to work with HAG to object to any more houses being built in Hawkwell on green belt.

Once again the Council does not tell us the site; just South Hawkwell.  But as you already know from a conversation that I had last year with a senior officer at Essex County Council and the news leaflet put out by HAG in November last year that we think that we know where !!

My job as a District Councillor for Hawkwell West is to read through this document in detail and understand how the policies put forward relate to the proposal to put 175 houses in Hawkwell West.

I will then discuss my findings with HAG and jointly decide what the campaign should do next.

But we need your help right now. I set out the options you had to consider in my recent Newsletter and now that we know that the figure is reduced to 175 I do need to hear from you with your views before the full consultation in the Autumn.



One Response to “New Houses for the Mythical World of “HockWell””
  1. John says:

    This is what one resident sent to me by email……..sums it up quite well.

    Hockley has a railway station, a decent number of shops, several light industrial units both which create employment opportunities for those who choose not to commute to London, a library and because of over development by planning initiatives in the past is now mainly residential in character and identity.

    Hawkwell has very few of these facilities, still has a much greater agricultural area than any of the few remaining green field sites left in Hockley and is still predominately rural in character.

    Both Hockley and Hawkwell suffer from the same insufficient road infrastructure which does not even cope with the existing demands made upon it and is just about the only thing that that they both have in common.

    Overdeveloped and urbanised Hockley has a secondary school and college. Hawkwell doesn`t have any school.

    Why should the residents of Hawkwell be punished for the overdeveloped planning use for residential purposes made in Hockley over the past few decades?

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