Local Good Causes

Smellies for the Sick – Looking Back over 2005 – Report by Christine Mason

Thanks to everyone for all the generous donations of toiletries. Julia and I have now managed to extend our coverage to 15 wards at Southend Hospital. These include all the ‘Department for the Elderly’ Wards, Accident and Emergency Acute and a few other wards that tend to have needy or ‘alone’ patients. We are constantly touched by the kindness shown by people and the help that has been given to us from many quarters. Not only are people donating their unwanted items but also buying that extra one for the use of patients. Julia and I have been kept busy sorting and transporting your gifts to the hospital.

Most of the donations go direct to the wards for the staff to use as needed for those patients, mostly elderly, who through no fault of their own have no access to basic toiletries. The few that are not taken directly into Southend Hospital are raffled or sold to raise money to buy basics – we are always short of combs, toothpaste and steredent, talc, deodorant and body wash. Anything not suitable for either of these uses is given to the Woman’s Refuge in Southend. Nothing is wasted.

Betty Wells from Sutton church and Julia have kindly been knitting bed-socks for patients and we have added these to the list of goodies we provide. (We also get some from Air Line Kits.) Jenny Boxcer has held successful coffee mornings for the ‘Smellies’. Robin Jenkinson walked the Pennine Way and obtained both corporate and personal sponsors who have donated toiletries per mile rather than cash – a wonderful idea. Joan Paparo wrote letters to suppliers and obtained a large supply of toothbrushes.

We are continuing to hold quiz nights to raise funds to supplement donations and Keymed have informed their staff about our campaign which has led to a marvellous boost in donations of ‘Smellies’. A joint raffle with Pinpoint raised funds to buy yet more deodorants – many thanks to all who sat and shivered in the Outpatients Department. The help from all at Faith Hope and Charity and Fairhavens is tremendously supportive as is the continued assistance from Margaret and everyone at RRVS at Rayleigh Library, the staff at both Hockley and Rochford Library and Erica and her band of helpers at Ashingdon.

Julia and I would like to thank all those people who contribute not only with items but also with time and encouragement. Without this continued support we could not succeed. THANK YOU EVERYONE.

Pinpoint Cancer Appeal

The Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation has launched a project to raise £350,000 for a new, state of the art, image guided radiotherapy system. The benefit will be that tumours can be targeted more accurately meaning that healthy tissue is not affected, maximising the dose and increasing cure rates. Currently only 8 hospitals worldwide are using this system clinically meaning that this project will make Southend Hospital will be one of the first centres in Europe to adopt this treatment.

The fund raiser is Barbara Warner who is based in the hospital and would be pleased to hear from those who might wish to donate or sponsor fund raising events.

As a Governor of the hospital I am supporting this appeal which will help so many people return to health quickly.