Not Sustainable – 3700 Homes for Rochford District

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From the Echo 19 May 2008.

PLANS for 3,000 new jobs and 3,790 new homes in the Rochford district are not sustainable without improvement to the area’s transport links, according to an RDC Councillor.”We wonder if the Government has any idea at all of the daily problems our residents face due to the severe lack of infrastructure in our area and the East of England generally.”

But Rochford District Council has come up with a spin strategy to make everyone feel happy about things.

Councillor Keith Hudson, Cabinet Member and Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation said: “I think the good news is that the amount of land will be very small, perhaps only two or three fields. It is just a few acres, but there is always the danger the targets will increase.”

“What we will be seeking to do is to make sure those sites which already have been given planning permission are actually developed.”

“A major example is the site opposite the cemetery in Hockley Road, Rayleigh, which has had planning permission for many years.

“This and other sites could take a large amount of the housing quota without having to use other areas.”

The last statement is an empty statement and a typical of the factually incorrect comments we get from politicians. They don’t expect anyone to check up on them!! But we have. The only site of more than 50 units that has not been started is the Carter & Ward site opposite Rayleigh cemetery.  The consent dates from 1979 and was for 86 units, though you may recall that a corner chunk of the site has been used for an elderly persons home.

These are the weasel words of politics, smoke and mirrors around the numbers. Discounting those 86 still not built but approved RDC was always a requirement but RDC will still have to find places for around 3,700 new houses. Why But as Councillor Hudson says about our precious green belt “It is just a few acres…perhaps only two or three fields”.

Who is he kidding? Don’t let him fool you !!






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