Overview and Scrutiny – Rochford District Council

June 10, 2007 by  

I am a Member of the Review Committee.

Full Council had already asked that this “investigations” Committee look at the following:

1. Understanding of Planning Appeal Procedures

From what the Chief Executive had to say this sounded more like an internally facing review rather than something that will directly affect residents.  My guess is that the Officers want Members to understand more about the cost and causes of Appeals, especially when the Development Control Committee goes against the recommendation of Officers and cause an Appeal.  But I could just be a cynic.

2. Mental Health Provision with reference to the emerging new facility in Rochford

Essex County Council are the statutory authority for this and we have to ask their permission.  But it seems likely because Essex want to use us as a consultancy anyway.

3.  Operation of the New Political Decision Making Structure

Lets hope that the Conservative Party Members who brought this in will be critical.  If they are not then I will challenge their report in Committee.

4.  Implications of Global Warming in Rochford District and the role that RDC might play

The most important of all the topics. 

I will update this site as the reviews proceed. 



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