Proposed “Pay-as-you-throw” refuse charges to be scrapped by Labour Government

May 18, 2008 by  

The BBC reported as long ago as 2006 on the spectre of Pay-As-You-Throw wheelie bin collections that would see families charged for their rubbish.  It was said that Town Hall Chiefs were planning the rapid introduction of schemes across the country that will work through microchip-equipped wheelie bins. The plans would have meant that every household would have got a rubbish bill based on its waste left for collection, in an attempt to encourage recycling. But it is widely being said that Gordon Brown will now be ordering a U Turn of such ideas.

Rochford District Council made no such proposals in its desire to significantly increase recycling in its new Waste and Recycling Contract with Sita.  But did RDC miss a trick to provide a positive incentive to increase recycling in the Rochford District?

I say “Yes, they have”.  If microchips were in our new bins then what would stop the Council giving financial based incentives of discounts on Council Tax for those residents recycling over Council and Government targets? Nothing, just a little imagination and innovation.

Is there any evidence that the public might have welcomed this idea?  Yes. 

As a kid I can remember R Whites (who are still going) and Corona that did refunds on the return of bottles.

Tesco has rolled out Britain’s first fully automated recycling machines in a move that has clearly boosted the UK recycling market.

You get 1 point for every 4 items you recycle. ie., plastic, glass and metal. Cardboard and paper can be recycled in separate bins but no points awarded.

Having spoken to some residents in Hawkwell who were first to get recycling the view is “Our local council will have an excellent recycling scheme but I’d love to get extra Tesco points so I’d certainly use the recycling facilities that give me an incentive….”

All Rochford Council had to do was order the new wheelie bins with microchips, make sure that the contractor could weigh the weekly recycling and the most innovative, incentivised local council recycling scheme in the UK and Europe might have been put in place. 



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