RDC New Political Structure – Some councillors who want to be busy are left with nothing!

May 20, 2007 by  

(NOT ME, I AM VERY BUSY !! – John)

This was an interesting statement left anonymously the Liberal Democrats Web Site. (Could it have been a disgruntled Tory?)

Initially it provoked me, an “independent” Member of RDC to feel the same but an enquiry of John Honey, Corporate Director of Internal Services at the Council reminded me that ALL Councillors can attend ALL public meetings and speak.  But you can only vote on those Committees to which you have been appointed by Council.

Independents don’t get to be on many.

Not because they are not interested but because the Controlling Political Party does not allow them to be.  And no Chairs or Leadership positions.  And not because an Independent is not qualified, experienced and not because they do not have all the relevant business skills. (I do !!, CV available on request.)  What a waste to the Community.  If the Political Parties thought more of the best person for the job then the Council would be better for all of us.  But that is politics !!

Having been made redundant, I can now attend meetings during the day and even being a non driver I can claim travel and child care expenses.  I was not aware of that until a day or so ago when John Honey confirmed that I could.  It may not have been what the political parties intended but the rules allow me to claim my taxi fares when the No 8 bus stops running in the evening after 7.00pm.

So I will be attending as many Council Meetings whether I can vote or not but have a say on behalf of RESIDENTS !!

Watch this site and I will tell you what really goes on and is not in the Minutes !!

John Mason 








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