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If you want to read a report on the first Executive Board Meeting then you can find one on the Lib Dems site together with some relevant comments from residents. 

I did not attend because I had already been advised that I could not speak and I knew that I would be completely sidelined.

The following letter is, I think, now the only way that I can represent residents on policy matters – I hope that this example proves that important matters of policy can still be influenced by ordinary councillors rather than the just the highly paid nine RDC Executive Councillors – but who knows?

Technically I could be invited to speak by Councillor Cutmore but this is unlikely because the CEO, Paul Warren, advised me in a Members Training Session that once this is allowed the precedent is made and he would be strongly advising Councillor Cutmore not to agree to any request. 

Even then the “super nine” would appear, from e-mails that I have received, to be instructed on policy by a prior Tory Group Meeting which is held privately away from the public.

I will provide an update on the response I get and what action is taken but I suspect that the issue will be directed to the Review (or investigations committee) which is led by the Opposition or a Lib Dem Councillor. I had already raised the matter with the Review Committee leadership but the subject did not appear in the working group list.  Perhaps it will now as an emergency item because of neglect by the administration?

Dear Councillor Cutmore
I am writing to you formally as the Leader of the Council and Chair of the Executive Board.
I am sure that you also received a copy of Graham Patchings’ letter regarding Taxi Licensing/Regulations.

I  telephoned the Officers at RDC to ascertain what is happening regarding Graham’s letter. I was advised that the matter would be considered at the Executive Board.

The Officers also advised that ALL the conditions are “way out of date but they do not have the resources to undertake a review and update which they agree needs to be done.” There are insufficient resources.
I am unable to speak at the Executive Board and under the circumstances I can only ask you to deal with my representation to you in this respect, namely that the Council engages immediately, sufficient resources to undertake such a review of all taxi conditions and regulations and present new taxi conditions within 12 months.

Bearing in mind that this is a major responsibility of RDC which seems to have been neglected and there is no plan to up date and there are insufficient resources any way will you please advise me what action you and the Conservative Group is going to take in respect of the present status of the taxi regulations in Rochford District.
I have referred to the Conservative Group making a decision because you will recall that reference was specifically made to this prior policy making procedure by John Honey,Councillor Hudson and Councillor Seagers all in e-mails that were widely circulated.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
Councillor John Mason






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  1. admin says:

    Dear John,
    Let me come back to you on this.
    Kind regards
    But no reply since 16 June 2007


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