Rochford District Council is Weak – Audit Commission

May 20, 2007 by  

The Audit Commission assesses the performance of councils and the services that they provide for local people.

The way that Rochford District Council is run and the delivery of services has been assessed as weak (on the scale excellent / good / fair / weak / poor).

Quote: Its priorities are not based on a clear understanding of the needs of local people.
Rochford District Residents still does not believe that this is being dealt with.

Did the needs of local people include as priorities the early introduction of a new political structure or the increase in members allowances?

Rochford District Residents will maintain this as a page which is always at the top of our site to remind the Council that it is weak and why that it so.

Here are some matters that Rochford District Residents are going to try to get treated as priorities;

1.  “understanding of the needs of local people” Taxi Licencing Regulations in Rochford are out of date – this is a major responsibility which has been neglected.

2.  “understanding of the needs of local people” – Greater use of consultation by the Residents Panel – including a review of new political structure and feedback on members allowances and value for money.
3.  “understanding of the needs of local people” Saving the Planet – What is Carbon Profile of the Council and how it will be actively managed to lead the District in the fight against global warming and climate change?

4. “understanding of the needs of local people” Members to significantly reduce use of paper and use electronic copies at home and in Council.

5.  “understanding of the needs of local people”  Cost Cutting Programme. Is there one? How is it deployed? Targets? Performance. More of it because the Council is strapped for cash !!

6.  “understanding of the needs of local people” Complaints – Council is only concerned about the formal letters but the Council must log all complaints received over the telephone or from callers at the Offices – Definition to be as FSA – Any expression of dissatisfaction fully logged and with action plan for service improvement.

We will let you know what happens !!


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