Snouts in the Trough

June 23, 2007 by  

In financial terms 39 Rochford Councillors ate twice as many free sandwiches as over 200 Rochford Council Employees.

In terms of sandwiches that is really 10 times as many.

Here are the figures;

In 2006/07 the records for officer buffets etc show expenditure of £1,825.
In 2006/7 the records show we spent £4,065 on buffets for Members.

That means that in a year 39 Councillors devoured 8000 sandwiches paid for by your Council Tax.  And no healthy options with even doughnuts being insisted on by some Members !!

As an Ordinary Councillor I receive a sufficient Council Allowances to provide for myself and run my office from home. 

Councillors should provide there own food.

Executive Councillors receive even more Allowances !! 


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