Snow Causes Major Power Loss in Hawkwell

December 18, 2009 by  

The forecast snow storm came as predicted at around 9 pm on Thursday, 17 December and in just a half an hour had brought down a high voltage cable in Rectory Road plunging 500 houses into darkness and bitter cold for 15 hours.

The Rochford Independent contacted the Emergency Planning Officer at RDC as soon as the Council opened because telephone lines to EDF had been jammed since the night before and no one knew what the situation was yet alone having news on BBC Essex, Essex FM/Heart.

The EDF Team was not on site until 12 hours had passed at 9.15 am and there was to be an update at 11.30 which was to be put on BBC Essex. But thankfully the power was restored within another 3 hours at 11.45 to save the elderly in our community a bitterly cold second night.  You can have winter fuel payments but they don’t help if the electricity supply fails.

Our thanks to RDC and EDF but why couldn’t EDF have prioritised 500 homes and 1000 residents, of whom 20% are vulnerable and need to maintain warm homes?

According to BBC Look East this evening, EDF has only just brought in extra crews. Surely as the Severe Weather Warning was made then EDF should have already had crews on standby? Well, Yes.

If there are any roads still not restored please let us know.

A bad year for EDF see also 3258 houses without power in November


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