Review of the 7 and 8 Bus Services

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Essex County Council would like to hear your views as it starts a review of its Bus Strategy and how it provides financial support to local bus services.

In this challenging economic climate it is very important that we focus our expenditure where it is really needed to ensure value for money for residents.

This review will help to ensure that the bus services provided by the County Council meet, as far as possible, the essential needs of Essex. The outcome of the review will help to decide what types of service will be supported in future.

This first consultation stage is designed to help us understand which types of supported bus service you value most. Individual services are not being considered for change at this stage. You will have the opportunity at a later stage to give your views on any proposed changes to individual services that may result from the review.

To respond online, please click here to answer the survey. The Survey is open until 9 December 2013.



Here is an extract from the Section 106 Agreement;

“The County Council hereby covenants with the Owner and the Developer to place the Contribution [£100,000.00] into the Contribution account and to utilise the principal and interest solely to subsidise the provision of a bus service between Rochford and Rayleigh passing the Application Site on Rectory Road as the Engineer considers necessary or other bus service connecting Hawkwell with one or more of Rayleigh Rochford or Southend (in respect of which the Engineer shall consult with the Developer before making his decision) the unexpended balance of principal and interest on which account at the tenth (10th) anniversary of the receipt of the said Contribution in cleared funds after appropriate provision has been made for sums committed to be expended by the County Council prior to the said anniversary but not yet paid on the said anniversary shall be returned to the Payers”

If Essex County Council remove or reduce the subsidy on the Number 8 Service then we would expect ECC to use the above funding in substitution.
With regard to the 7 Service running through Hawkwell South or Hawkwell North Wards we will support any initiative taken by Hawkwell Parish Council or the District Ward Members for Hawkwell South or Hawkwell North to keep subsidised services.

Information on bus services from
In Hockley, Hawkwell and Ashingdon Essex County Council subsidises the following services:

Monday to Saturday

7  – ECC subsidises three services per hour between approx 0900 and 1500 to extend from Ashingdon Schools to Hockley Spa

8 – ECC subsidises one service per hour between approx 0900 and 1500 to extend from Golden Cross to Hockley Spa

If subsidies for extending weekday bus services beyond Ashingdon Schools / Golden Cross were cut there would only be an hourly service on the number 8 via Hawkwell and a half-hourly service between Hockley and Southend compared to every ten minutes at present.



7 – ECC subsidises the 1829 (1820) journey from Rayleigh to Southend

If this was cut there would be a one and a half hour gap between the last number 8 and the next number 7, or a two hour gap between services if the number 8 service were also cut.

8 – ECC subsidises the whole number 8 timetable between Southend and Rayleigh.



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Two Hawkwell Buses per Hour from May

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Good News !! Local Campaigning works even though the time lag was one year !! 

Nick Blackall,the Essex County Council Local Bus Service Manager has announced that from 2 May 2010, Hawkwell will see an increase to two buses an hour to Southend and Hockley one of which will extend to Rayleigh every hour as now.

In addition there is good news for Hockley as well because a temporary improvement will now be made permanent.

The section of the 7 route between Ashingdon and Hockley along Greensward Lane will increase to four buses an hour to Southend and Hockley and again one of which one will extend to Rayleigh every hour as now.

These arrangements have been agreed by ECC until August 2011.

In summary:

Arriva are reverting to the previous frequency of 6 buses per hour to/from Hockley/Southend, wef from 2 May.  
There will be 4 No 7’s via Ashingdon and 2 No 8’s via Hawkwell.  Services to/from Rayleigh will be unchanged ie one No 7 and one No 8 per hour.

Please Protest about no Bus

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000_0130The campaign to get our evening bus back for Hawkwell has hit an iceberg in the form of the Review Committee for Rochford District Council.

This committee is headed up by Rayleigh Lib Dem, June Lumley and it was asked by Transport Councillor Boss, Keith Hudson to examine all the bus issues that were being raised by the public about cuts in services in Hockley, Hawkwell and Ashingdon.

At the same time I raised the issue of the lack of an evening bus in Hawkwell whilst giving evidence to the committee.  At a subsequent meeting with the residents associations in Hockley and Hawkwell it was raised again for reconsideration by Essex County Council.

Essex County Council has refused to switch one of the evening half hour subsidised services through Ashingdon and Hockley to Hawkwell because it would deprive a very small number of residents of Hockley, Ashingdon and East Hawkwell of a half hourly bus and Arriva says that it would place the viability of the whole service in jeopardy.

Hawkwell Parish Council has backed a switch but it is understood, not surprisingly, that Ashingdon is not agreeable and nor are Hockley again because a very small number of residents in the Greensward Lane to Ashingdon Schools stretch would not have a half hourly service.

So the Review Committee at RDC are just going to give up and do nothing. There is no bus at all in the evening in Hawkwell.

If it is not right to cancel someone else’s service, and I agree with that, then Hawkwell deserves its own subsidised service just like Hockley and Ashingdon.

I suggest that residents who feel strongly about this should email Rochford District Council to protest ( and also phone and contact the Evening Echo (

Arriva 8 Bus Service Cuts – Update

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Color of rainThank you to everyone who wrote to Arriva objecting to a change of the 8 Bus Service to one per hour.

Whilst Arriva have stated that that they have not made a final decision, I think that we have to face the possibility that this decision could go through because I am advised of the rising cost of fuel and the low passenger numbers.  My concern is that with a service of only one per hour then passenger numbers will fall even further and next time the service will be cancelled.

Nevertheless the people that did write to Arriva have made their protest known but it is hard to see how that will alter the economics from Arriva’s point of view.

It is possible if the public make representations that Essex County Council might step in with a subsidy.  If you do feel strongly enough about the issue please join me in sending an email to our County Councillor, Tracey Chapman at 

Arriva will register their decision on service changes with the Traffic Commissioner on 10 August 2008. The public will be informed when Arriva advertise the revisions to customers by means of onboard advertising and via their website.  

The email Arriva sent to you in reply says that “No changes will be made without full consultation” but I can assure you that there will be no further consultation with the public because this will end with the Arriva consultation with Essex County Council.  So please email Tracey Chapman.

John Mason
Independent District Councillor for Hawkwell West

Arriva – Cuts to the 8 Service – Please Object

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Arriva Bus

Arriva have announced to the District Council proposals that from 5 October the 8 Service could be extended to Rayleigh but cut to once an hour. The public was campaigning for the 8 to be extended to Rayleigh but NOT once an hour instead of a 30 minute service.

To object please email Arriva. Matthew Arnold

So getting to Hockley for the Doctor, Clinic, Library etc., will be harder for many who have no transport and cannot walk well or far, uphill.  And if there is a cancellation then one bus in 2 HOURS!!  As well as Hockley we will be cut off just same from Rochford and Southend if you need to go in the other direction.

You may not use the bus service at the moment but you may wish to in the future and other residents, our neighbours, do use it and need it.